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Faith Filled Flow

Namaste this Wise Wednesday! We were on an airplane East on Mindful Monday March 4th and all attempts to do the weekly post before boarding sadly missed the mark. This being a blog, I’m quite sure it mattered most to me and little if not at all to any of you! Still, it is the integrity of consistency and keeping our word that aids us in the flow of living our highest & best! Sooooo … here I am with greetings from a sunny & blustery Florida! Jeremiah & I have met his dad here for another of our alternative family vacations. Spring training baseball games, an Avatar consciousness training & Disneyworld are on the agenda. We all went to the ballgame yesterday and today & tomorrow, Jeremiah & his dad will do ballgames while I walk the beach! Given that, I will try to be brief in this week’s mindful musings & message so my feet can start soaking up the wisdom of the sand! Jeremiah & Daniel

The power of words. Monday Mindful Matters. Gotta show up on Monday ~ or as close to it as possible! Don Miquel Ruiz lists keeping our word as one of The Four Agreements. Indeed, it is huge. So what about keeping the word of our parents & ancestors?! Awareness & consciousness work always brings us into the place of examining the limiting beliefs imparted on us by our families. A major life one for me resurfaced this week. My grandfather brought my father up on this one & I have heard it countless times, “Don’t let your ambition exceed your ability.” Wow, do I seem to live this one. I had set my sights on some pretty big goals to finish before this trip including launching our Membership option for New Thought Families and publishing the 1st in a series of spiritual literacy books at the same time that the new monthly theme & content for the site rolls over. Well, the site has blended from Love Blessed to Compassion In Action: Saying YES To Kindness while I employed big doses of both compassion & kindness for myself. AND the Laurie StorEBook Sebastian Wakes Up made it ~ woo hoo! Check it out through the links below! And membership will launch mid-month or possibly April 1st ~ no foolin’! I want to make sure everything is properly in place so that I can deliver the benefits of membership as promised and on time! The thing is, as conscious co-creators, we adjust as needed. I often mis-judge time and if I can stay in right relationship & perspective with myself, I keep growing my abilities to meet, greet, and exceed my ambition! For it is not I but the Spirit within me that doeth the work. In being aware of the limiting beliefs that pull at us, we can bring conscious compassion there to allow us to continue on in our faith filled flow.

One of the ways we impart values through family messages, is with books & media our children experience either with or without us. When children are very young, we read to them. And there is an amazing, timeless book that speaks not only strong spiritual truth ultra-simply but incredibly, it gives a message that says don’t necessarily listen to your family ~ when they have a negative, disbelief message. Here is the Amazon synopsis & link to this classic, The Carrot Seed.

When a little boy plants a carrot seed, everyone tells him it won’t grow. But when you are very young, there are some things that you just know, and the little boy knows that one day a carrot will come up. So he waters his seed, and pulls the weeds, and he waits …

First published in 1945 and never out of print, this timeless combination of Ruth Krauss’s simple text and Crockett Johnson’s eloquent illustrations creates a triumphant and deeply satisfying story for readers of all ages.

Someday (soonish?!), I vow to write one as simply & beautifully as The Carrot Seed! For now, my breakthrough is in creating & publishing a LaurieStorEBook that speaks ~pretty simply~ to what I know as spiritual truth. Wonderful Artisan & CreaTEAvity Coach & Maven Callie Carling said, in part, of Sebastian Wakes Up: “I absolutely LOVED the Sebastian Wakes Up story; the artwork is incredible, the story very simple yet deeply moving. A real treasure for the whole family, Sebastian’s story is eloquently presented with a rich tapestry of colour to keep your little ones entertained. Brilliant read!”

New Thought Families Leaping Literacy!
Sebastian Wakes Up! SebastianT1

Here is what we say on the page onsite where you’ll find the links to the Kindle version on Amazon and our illustrated, narrated pdf.

“This LaurieStorEBook marks a debut of spiritual literacy books ~ Woo Hoo! Focused on children’s awakening consciousness, this rhyming reader features original, whimsical artwork bursting with color & creativity on every page!

Sebastian Wakes Up stars an owlet named Sebastian who spends the night alone waiting for his mama to return as he embodies spiritual concepts including oneness and unconditional Love. The spirit filled narrative is mingled with a few owl facts. Did you know that a group of owls is called a parliament?! There are a few other fun owl facts sprinkled in this offering that delivers some big consciousness concepts made simple & colorful for children of all ages.”

Thanks so much for being here to share our woo hoo Sebastian debut and our ambition & ability filled breakthroughs! Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to compassionately & kindly embrace all the shining Love that is, right here, right now! Even though I got on overwhelm, I pretty much still saw the shine ~ how about you? This week, let us allow,  through our faith, the grace filled shine of Love to illuminate any places waiting for breakthroughs ~ and compassionately receive whatever we perceive. Remember the power of words … “I believe. I believe in you. Woo Hoo!” Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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