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Compassionate Committment To Love

Namaste this Mindful Monday!
Here we are at the brim of the last week in February 2013 ~ living & giving our Happy Heart Dream!  As we continue to embrace our Love Blessed Expressed February, at New Thought Families, we are also engaging our Compassion In Action, Yes To Kindness March! At the happy heart of all of it remains creativity, committment & consciousness … New Thought Families Co-Creates!In our blog exploration here this month of Love Blessed, we have focussed on some divine awareness concepts. First &  foremost, we are made of Love ~ as is every creation! Because of this, everything is Love, always ~ especially the ugly cries for Love that on the surface don’t look like Love at all! In conscious co-creation, we actively remember that we are made of Love & we grow this essence of our being from the soul. In doing this, we turn to nature as well as forms of nurture for ourselves, our children, our families & the one world family of Love.
As part of our 2013 Happy Heart Dream, our vision & monthly themes explore some of our greatest gifts & tools to more fully awaken to the divine Love we are created to be & to live it more fully as family. There are threads of faith & trust woven throughout all of these great powers within. Briefly, they are being Awake & Aware that we are Love Blessed. Stepping into Compassion Action with a Yes to Kindness & Forgiveness. Co-Creating & Consciously Navigating with the inspirations of Intuition & Imagination. Giving & Receiving through Servitude & Fortitude, Opening to Oneness, Gratitude, Zealousness & Quietude. As we experience a deepening expansion & joyful celebration of these powers this 2013 Dream, our offerings draw from our Dream Team and our main categories of inspiration: Nature, Creativity, Arts: Books & Music, Wellness Wisdom, Positive People & Home Spiritual Practices. For a more laser focus & home practice accessibility, we are launching a Membership Option that gives weekly downloads including our multi-media Play & Pray calendar pages. It is my prayer to keep saying yes to offering Love Expressed with the best zest I can! As part of this unfolding plan, I will remain here in BlogLand with these weekly mindful posts ~ though they will be shifting a bit in keeping with my re-alignment to fully serving children & families. More on that, next Mindful Monday!

So this week, we hope to officially launch our Membership option as well as publish a new Laurie StorEBook. I have had to move through a good deal of resistance that I don’t particularly understand in co-creating this new book. It is the first of a series that I planned to coincide with the 2013 monthly themes listed above. So even though this is really January’s theme, it is the timeless foundation of consciousness ~ being awake & aware! And while I can’t commit to an exact release schedule on these books, I do commit to keep co-creating & publishing in good God time! And I can tell you that (February’s) Love Blessed book stars a devoted puffer fish ~! But THIS book … due out by week’s end … stars an owlet named Sebastian. The narrated, illustrated power pdf features the voices of Jeremiah & I as well as my artwork & digital illustration with the owls created by artisan friend Elaine Ezell. Elaine had sent 2 handmade owls for Christmas presents. She also had sent owls to other artisan friends in our group with a picture of them all posted on our forum. Through the wonders of digital, I was able to use some of those owls as well in Sebastian’s parliament of owls. Did you know that a group of owls is called a parliament?! There are a few other fun owl facts sprinkled in this offering that focuses on some big consciousness concepts made simple & colorful for children of all ages. Here’s a sample page for you:

Sebastian Wakes Up: A Laurie StorEBookSebastian Wakes Up: A Laurie StorEBook makes its debut this week!
Woo HOO!

So my mindful, faith filled friends, last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to look to Spirit in nature & all else for the comfort, guidance & support our soul’s seek to engage their shining Love. And let us remember in the seeking, that all the Love we are exists here & now. For this week, let us focus on the latter teaching ~ compassionately & kindly embracing all the shining Love that is, right here, right now! A superb modern-day teacher of this concept was on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday yesterday ~ feel the unconditional Love of Panache Desai with Oprah and soak up his message into any & all dry places in your heart & soul! Panache assures us that we are not broken, do not need fixing and are loved beyond measure right here, right now. Catch Panache Desai on Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday!

We also continue to invite you to play & pray with us every day at New Thought Families with our daily multi-media calendar; February’s Love Blessed gives way to Compassion Action: Yes to Kindness by week’s end. A very merry, happy heart week of awareness & Love Blessed kindness to you & yours! Namaste.



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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