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Growing Soul Love

Namaste this Mindful Monday ~ an American, flag flying holiday Monday celebrating Presidents.

On this Presidents Day, post Valentine’s Day, day before Jeremiah’s 13th birthday, I find myself contemplating family and recovering from a 24 hour long birthday party that added 6 more boys to my 1 for lots of rollicking adventure. Being in the close company of other people’s tween children tempts me to be judgemental & draw conclusions on their parenting styles. Is this true or fair? The mindful musings had me draw James Hillman’s The Soul’s Code from the bookshelf. In this bestseller, Hillman asserts that we are each born an acorn imprinted with the tree we grow to be ~ irrespective of parents, nature or nurture. Given his research, all innovators, genius’, presidents ~ every fore-father & mother of any consequence was born to change the world. They were destined to bloom even in a sea of dry desert sand.CactusBloom

According to Hillman & The Soul’s Code ~ as well as others who believe in the same vein ~ each soul chooses & aligns with the very environment (including parents) that the soul requires to bloom.  We are tribal beings who seek family; there is our family or origin, the family we create with our spouse, partner, children, there are community & church families and in the Spirit of oneness & creation, there is the world family of all beings. We often speak to the latter at New Thought Families; we have a sense of it and I am mindful that awareness is the beginning of this relationship with willingness required to deepen & strengthen it. Hillman speaks of how we are ‘parented’ by everything in our world ~ especially nature, “The world is buzzing and blooming with information, which is always available and never absent. Children, especially, recognize this nurturance and instruction offered by nature.” If anything, in the last 16 years since this book came out, we/our children may have gained even more distance from the beauty & teacher of nature. Thereby, in our look at family & alignment with our true soul’ s purpose, calling & home of Love, taking our eyes out the window & our feet onto the grass … or dirt .. or rock or sand … becomes that much more imperative!

PlantLifeLast week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to see the co-creative power of Love in all things, even & especially every cry for Love. And as much as we are able, let us mindfully answer the cries with Love & more Love! In looking at family patterns & challenges, we can easily focus on the cry for Love, the absence of Love, the lack … Let us choose, instead, to look around for all that is waiting to sustain us in Love, nurture our growth, champion our development. For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, let us look to Spirit in nature & all else for the comfort, guidance & support our soul’s seek to engage their shining Love. And let us remember in the seeking, that all the Love we are exists here & now. May we embrace the Love we are here & now knowing our divine perfection. From this place, all the support that exists will be easier to see & align with.

Our vision of being a supportive resource for families & children of all ages continues to unfold & bloom at New Thought Families ~ come play & pray with us along your way ~ we’re here every day. Namaste!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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