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Always ~ For All Times ~ Love

Namaste Mindful Monday Meditators!

I have just visited the blog, Parenting and Stuff, after she liked last week’s post here.  This wonderful blogger began in January and has a series of posts about the scary world of 12 year olds and about kids this young (and younger?!) cutting themselves and trying to commit suicide. I also encountered this over the last few weeks on FaceBook. A frantic mom reached out from the hospital emergency room after finding her 12 year old cutting himself and planning to commit suicide on his 13th birthday. This mom launched the (FaceBook) campaign, Letters For Noah and thousands responded. I’m happy to say Noah looks much happier and turned 13 last Friday.

My Jeremiah turns 13 next week. Thankfully, he doesn’t know any one cutting or suicidal. Our transition into teendom is relatively gentle; he is embracing Jr. high with zeal and I am doing my best to keep up. We are still very close, currently rehearsing a set of Love songs to sing at a church dinner on Valentine’s Day & planning his birthday party for next weekend. Sometimes, it is a helpful blessing to look at the lives of others ~ and their trials ~ and bring that perspective into fresh eyes surveying your own life. I do indeed feel so blessed. Jeremiah and I have had a wonderful mother/son Love affair that is well documented here & there at New Thought Families and perhaps most beautifully in our Love Notes & Heart Wall Projects & Videos found onsite.

And as I ease back into the focus of today’s blog, I will also say, I am surveying the helpful blessing of looking at others’ offerings. The Parenting Blog mentioned above hs attracted 1000 followers in the last 5 weeks. We stared this blog 2 years ago and have 24 ~ wonderful, beautiful (!) followers. In stepping back with both detachment & dedication, I look at the blessing of the question ~ is this the best way for me to serve? As mentioned a few weeks ago, I may end this blog this month just because there may be better places to put my energies & contributions. I believe we all want to serve in the best & highest ways possible and that often means changing things up periodically over the course of a lifetime. As long as we stay open to the flow of NOW, we can give & receive with ease & grace. It is the persistence of resistance that so often causes our suffering, aka, we don’t like change!

There is one consistent presence in all of life … found in the way people reach out with compassion, found in the joy of hugs & kisses, found in giggles of a baby or a child, found in the hope of new beginnings … it is Love. It is always Love. We all can appreciate the feel good aspects of Love, the unconditional Love of parenthood, the amazing Love of nature’s beauty ~ the Love of a rose or a sunset or a rock.StoneHeartThe timelessness of Love’s infinite power is always waiting for us and can be caught up in one mindful moment, one intentional breath. This awesome power of Love is the greatest power in existence ~ greater than nuclear power, mightier than war or famine or loss of a loved one, stronger than fear or hate or doubt. So why does all of the pain persist? Why are children cutting themselves? Why are there so many daily tragedies in this beautiful world? Because  people of all ages are crying for Love. Every human being suffers at the sense of separation from divine source. This initial wound is played out over & over in the way we hurt each other and the subsequent feelings of inadequacy. Pain patterns like poverty are passed down generation to generation all because we are crying for the truth of our divinity … we are crying for Love. Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science said that Everything is either an act of Love or a cry for Love. If we can remember this truth, it activates compassion for the persecutors … even and especially when the persecutor is the one in the mirror. Our song, Always Love sings of this teaching:

Our afore mentioned blog, Parenting and Stuff, documents a response to the cutting used by some youth ~ that is the practice of drawing colorful butterflies on the body instead of cutting. Butterflies are the perfect transformational symbol due to the complete breakdown of the caterpillar inside the chrysalis into becoming something new ~ beautiful & free. Our equivalent of this is to mindfully see our pain, resistance, sorrow, shame ~ whatever it is ~ as a cry for Love and then ask the waiting arms of Love to transform the pain into something greater. Think of it as alchemy, from pain to gold. It is sometimes a very long path to this pot of gold but miracles abound and if we are willing to allow the mighty power of Love in & through us, I believe the change is possible in an instant. But no matter how long we take, Love is timeless. There will always be Love for us; we simply have to receive it. It may come in a flood of letters like it did for Noah or it may simply be as light as a breeze kissing your cheek & activating a deep sense of oneness & connectedness … or a myriad of other maybes in between … Love is always ~ for all times ~ Love.

Last week’s post spoke of how we are all made of Love. Our Mindful Meditation Invitation was to have awareness of Love as co-creation in you & everything else there is! For this week, let’s continue to see the co-creative power of Love in all things, even & especially every cry for Love. And as much as we are able, let us mindfully answer the cries with Love & more Love!

This is our anniversary week at New Thought Families which will be officially celebrated on 2-13-2013. I will most likely pop back in then on Wednesday, with a special announcement post ~ that is if I use Love to conquer! Meanwhile, play & pray every day with us with our daily Love Blessed Calendar & in the plethora of Dream Team, love filled offerings at New Thought Families. Thank you so much for sharing heart time here and for the Love you are however you are & wherever you are.  Namaste Love!
Every stage of life ~ All One!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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