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Co-Creation: Love’s Imagination

Namaste this Mindful Monday!

Happy February! Happy Love! Thanks to St. Valentine ~ with subsequent help from Cupid & Hallmark ~ February has become the month of hearts & romance, at least in America. Besides romantic love, our young children share valentine cards & treats in school and we often give cards of endearment to family members of all kinds though it is still the cupid arrow kind of Love that typically takes center stage. Stories of the original St. Valentine are conflicting; he may well have been a champion of romantic love but irrespective of who he was, and indeed, as questioned, how many he was (some say there were at least 2 St. Valentines), St Valentine brings Love to all fronts. As conscious co-creators, we can step aside from the chocolates & roses version of Love for a bigger, more expansive view of the greatest power there is, always working & available in our lives.

In celebration of Love, this will be a 2 part post featuring 2 of our early music videos. The titles of these songs explain the posts: Made Of Love & Always Love. For convenience, you can enJOY Made Of Love right here & now if you so choose:

So the basic reminder part 1 is that you and I and all things ever created are made of Love. A tree, a sunset, a flower … all so chock full of beauty, they can easily be seen as made of Love, yes? A baby or a puppy, new life … made with such Love, yes? Your baby turned (defiant) teenager, the face of Love, yes? The face in the mirror … Love … yes? There may be some disconnect between baby to teenager to aging (grand) parent but Love is Love is Love. For some reason seeing everything with the eyes of Love seems to take practice; active affirmation that of course Love is present. Sometimes it takes denials … when looking in the mirror, denying the inner critic who only wants to focus on flaws rather than perfection. Sometimes to stay in sacred awareness of the presence of perfection & beauty, we must employ our tools like imagination … see what you want to see. Or simply allowing the critic to be present too and saying, “I choose to love me now. I choose to see everything that is right with me now.” When we choose the high road with ourselves and others, we are affirming that yes, of course, we are made of Love.
Diamonds On The Water
When we consciously co-create, we are choosing moment by moment to align with the truth of who we be as well as with the reality we wish to co-create. Since often, we dream of something other than what is right before us, our imagination is a fabulous & necessary tool to make mindful meditations turn to marvelous  manifestations. This picture, thank you Michel Kotski, is a sparkling reminder of diamonds ~ the kind of diamonds that any girl (or boy!) can make their best friend, any day of the year!

Today’s Play & Pray Calendar entry invites you to take in something right around you that you love. Focus on something ~ anything ~ from your cat to your computer ~ touch it and say, “I love you.” When we bring awareness & gratitude into our interactions, we nurture reverence & love for all we have co-created as well as for all future co-creations. So hug and celebrate yourself as made of Love ~ as well as your children and significant others and all others as much as possible. If it is a challenge, use imagination & creativity as well as denial to help you. Love is always waiting; so just do whatever you need to to step towards those waiting arms of comfort & joy!

Our February website is celebrating Love Blessed with great contributions from our Dream Team including Jeremiah & I, so do stop by for some love filled celebrations! My little Dream video is still incubating … hoping to air some mindful moment SOONish!

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to allow the flow of Love & Co-Creation in whatever ways it shows up. For this week, see if you can simplify your awareness of Love as co-creation in you & everything else there is! As beings of Love, aka God, truly any thing and all things are absolutely possible! Namaste Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

One thought on “Co-Creation: Love’s Imagination

  1. Love, love, love … I DO tell my MacBook I love her (regularly)! ‘Tho I do feel sad that some people are so busy in their lives and need Hallmark et al to prompt us to tell our loved ones just how much we care. Sparkling diamonds created by nature and magnificently-marvellous manifestations are gentle reminders to begin the “I love you’s” at ourselves in the mirror each day!! x

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