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Co-Creation Inspirations!

Namaste Mindful Moment Friends ~ this transformational Tuesday or whatever day this post may find you!

I have been present to the gift of thousands of links within our New Thought Families website these past few daze as we switched web hosts. What an amazing world of technology we live in! It’s been a lot like cleaning/rearranging a very large closet or digging deep in the soil of a garden. I had planned to do more creative work ~ the work I love so much ~ this last week, including finishing my (long awaited) dream video. But sometimes, in more ways than one, we simply cannot move forward until we clean up what is or what has been. The hours with hash tags & the like allowed me space to listen to some wonderful teachers … including the one(s) that live deep inside me as to why I am called to this work in the first place.

And yes, that was our Mindful Meditation Invitation this last week ~ to listen to those higher callings in relationship with our healing hearts. As part of forward motion & breakthrus for me this week, I had a huge emotional breakdown that had me screaming aloud to the hidden inner enemy … now, I was driving on a back road …. a relatively safe place to vent …. oh, the stories my little car could tell!  … and I hit that place I apparently needed to go through to make way for something new. I yelled and ranted at unworthiness to take her leave; I had had enough of her lies and the way she was (subconsciously) always running my show ~ ruling my heart. I am happy to report that the little showdown made room for new energies, teachings & learnings. I did indeed have some sort of transformation. If nothing else, it rendered me more willing & able to step into the housekeeping job of web hosts & enter into a deeper conversation with my soul about what is mine to do.

Sometimes co-creation is so exhilarating & brilliant; writing a song or book, illustrating or re-illustrating a book (there was some of that this week!) and sometimes, co-creation is in the clean up. And true inspiration comes in loving equally all of it ~ the gardener loving equally the tilling of the soil, the pulling of the weeds, planting of the seeds as well as yielding the blooms, blossoms & fruits of the labor. When we don’t or can’t love the weeds, we find a way to dance the divine energy as best as we are able ~ trusting that when we do what we are called to do, the fruits are there to be had! We can also take heart in the Master Gardner & teacher we have in nature … behold these spectacular wildflowers that seem to sprout up with no help at all!

One awareness practice I have employed this first month of 2013, is to really take notes on how I am spending my time; really documenting my Ta Da’s and Ta Done’s in equal time with my endless To Do’s. And I have let myself sit& reflect more ~ in meditative mindful moments in addition to the stillness of meditation itself. This has been very healing & probably contributed to my conscious showdown with unworthiness. Thereby, for this last week of January’s segue into February, let us make our Mindful Meditation Invitation to allow the flow of Love & Co-Creation in whatever ways it shows up!

As always, we invite you to the website for lots more co-creation inspirations. Our new Dream Team contributors are sending in the February offerings this week which will be integrated with a few of our own as well as the ongoing effort to clarify & simplify your journey there! And while we aim to give you many goodies of inspiration, we are really just triggering that gold inside of you! Being mindful, awake & aware is all about showing up & we offer you a daily moment with us through our Play & Pray Calendar.

Before wrapping up this last post for January 2013, I have 2 other resources/thoughts for you. Perhaps they may speak to your own healing/honoring journey. Carolan Deacon is one of our Dream Team members; we are featuring a music video from Carolan every month this year and if all goes well, I will embed January’s for you at the end of this post ~! Carolan is a healing songstress and is offering a free class beginning February 18th. She is inviting you to release anxiety & depression through music & pleasurable sensory experiences. Find out more here! Thank you Carolan for all you do & for being part of our 2013 Dream Team family!

Finally, in the midst of my own path & footsteps this week, came the tragic news of a local mother & her 5 year old daughter that were found dead in their frozen pond behind their house. I have been pretty isolated these days but still the news seemed so very quiet in this small community. Their faces were familiar to me & I felt we had sung together along the way. I have been silently honoring them myself with prayer for their passage as well as peace for all the grieving ones they have surely left behind. Then, I received a profound e mail from a beautiful young woman who had sung with me as a small child. Jaime is living in a village in Tanzania this year & in this blog post she recounts a custom whereby when someone passes, members of the community will sing outside of their house all night. Still others will sleep outside of their house for many nights. What an incredible act of community ~ a co-creation of infinite inspiration! You can read Jaime’s post here.

So wherever you are in your co-creations, may you know you are loved. Always. Thank you for sharing your journey with us!  Yikes! Carolan Deacon’s beautiful song, Comfort You has been moved ~ what?! Ok, then, sending you all comfort & Love with the song of your own angels!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

2 thoughts on “Co-Creation Inspirations!

  1. Ah Laurie, I so hear you about having a meltdown in the car – as horrible a process as it is, often the very best thing we can do is scream and let it all out, to allow the channel to re-open fully! Go YOU!!!

    I also found recently that “co-creation is in the clean up” is so true – for me it was something so simple: tidy up and organise my l’il studio so I knew where things were. It has helped to declutter my mind, my soul … and now I can start to create (with myself, and in collaborations) in a much happier space *whoop whoop*

  2. Awesome Callie! I feel the flow of your beautiful energies moving freer in your tidy studio space! And I do believe that free flow of co-creation energy is exactly what’s meant by “Cleanliness is next to Godliness”!

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