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Devoted Dreamer

Namaste Monday Mindful Matters Travelers!
I greet you with decided devotion and a somewhat sheepish grin this Transformational Tuesday (oops, in the blogland of WordPress, better make that Wise Wednesday)! Nothing like talking about discipline to throw you off track?! This last week, I found that I was more disciplined to my many callings but also had visits from the recurring gremlins who lead me off in other directions that are seemingly important too. I’ve come to know the gremlins within me born out of a wounded heart & I compassionately embrace all of me trusting my evolution of healing & divine expression. I know it all takes discipline and discipline is naturally born of devotion. Being in service to our children is a discipline ~ anything we do consistently is usually both a devotion & a discipline. Actually, the Mindful Meditation Invitation of last week was to be a disciple to the callings of our hearts. As a disciple, I find it necessary to have discipline & I have had it ~ in the oh so many callings of my heart ~ and those disciplined decisions left me short for our Monday Mindful Moment. And truth be told, I’m probably the only one who gave it much notice! Even so, the dedicated me has arrived … for the 100th consecutive week (if not exactly Monday each week!). As a disciplined, devoted disciple …. I must ask myself … why? This blog was born from our New Thought Families website nearly 2 years ago. The site launched 2/7/2007 and the blog here  in February 2011. At New Thought Families, we continue to evolve in our co-creations with Spirit and as such, this blog may or may not continue after next month. Simply put, if I am to keep showing up here, I’ll need to adjust some of the other callings I am disciple to these days so that I can devote enough time to make the posts worthwhile! While being mindful is essential, we all have lots of ways to do it! So, given that, let’s repeat last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation this week with a small, deeper twist …  to be a disciple to the highest callings of our healing hearts (vs. the wounded heart). 

I do have for you today a very exciting announcement & invitation to visit us at New Thought Families to meet our … 2013 Co-Create The Dream Team!
In our site re-organization, we are blessed to have 8 new monthly contributors for 2013 in addition to Jeremiah & I! Woo Hoo! So we expand our interfaith, intergenerational offerings ~ YES! Now I must say it is still a bit of a messy process, this site re-organization but we’re getting there … and I am a devoted, dedicated, and developing disciplined disciple to this dream! In addition to adding the wonderful contributions of the Dream Team, I have a new and very different children’s book underway as well as our Dream video which I hope to post here next Mindful Monday!
There is a new Conscious Comedy out ~ Barely Aware ~ is HERE:

And our daily Play & Pray Calendar is always there for you ~ January’s Divine Awareness is here! Our daily calendar is highlighted this month with the piano of our 13 year old friend Sara who sings on many of our CDs. Sara remains a growing inspiration in her music & her service work. Visit Sara on the website!  And do visit our Dream Team ~ what a blessing they are! Follow the links to their pages & offerings on our site and to their own sites ~ we’ve linked 1 wonderful resource from Dream member Callie Carling below.  Thank you for the blessing of you too ~ for taking a mindful moment in the co-creation of your own dreams and life. It is an honor to walk this path with you. Namaste!
Click the heart to visit Callie’s CreaTEAvity site & her HeART Prosperity & Abundance Circle ~ it begins January 28th!CallieProgram



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

2 thoughts on “Devoted Dreamer

  1. How exciting for me to read “… to be a disciple to the highest callings of our healing hearts (vs. the wounded heart)”; that rings so true with me today.

    With so much going on, ever-bulging diaries filled with commitments, we must remain loving and gentle with ourselves when we discover we have fallen behind in our “Wish To Achieve …” lists … however, it is very lovely to read your sharings, as always, Laurie.

    Thank you also so much for sharing news of HeART Prosperity & Abundance … I am so very excited about this Circle gathering, as we had an overwhelmingly-positive experience last Summer when we rang an informal Circle!!

  2. Thank you much Callie for the inspiration of your participation ~ with us & with all you do in this big wide world!
    You know, our diaries flow from the same Spirit pen so we just have to stay open to that awesome creative flow while employing fortitude & forgiveness in our faith filled, sometimes faltering steps!
    I am SO looking forward to playing with you in your upcoming Prosperity Circle!

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