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Dream Disciple

Namaste this Mindful Monday!

I greet you in the name of Love this blessed day … 1 month since the Sandy Hook tragedy, 1 day before the *real* birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Isn’t it our children that guide our dreams, priorities, and consequences in life? Yet, too often our children are forgotten, you know, in the big fiscal budgets & such. Before I go down that slippery slope, let me acknowledge a forgotten phase of our little blogpost. It seem’s in my holiday haze, the weekly Mindful Meditation Invitations have been forgotten here! Anybody notice? Anybody care? The practice of mindfulness is a moment by moment meditation yet a focus/resolution/discipline can be helpful. Of course, if done in Love. The tenets of non-violence state that harsh words are a form of violence & we all know that while sticks & stones can break bones, words can break hearts. Words are powerful. MLK’s words ring on in us allowing us to embody facets of his dream and ours.LoveKing
What is your dream for 2013? Have you taken time to listen & align with the shine of your divine design?!Centered in sacred presence is the only way I can even glimpse my shine. The art of living in Co-Creation is what calls me ~ always ~ but especially in this awakening 2013. This day, I look for the words to describe my dream & the dream of New Thought Families. We are birthing a new Dream Team tomorrow and I (always!) keep bringing myself back to the center of the heart of New Thought Families ~ the children ~ even though this amazing round of contributors are fabulous, conscious artist beings, they are adults. And as adults, we must consciously remember the children. So truth is, my words are not ready in this moment. I have pages for 8 new Contributors for the website in various stages of ready at the moment and so you can pop in to the site tomorrow 1/15 and/or tune in to the New Thought Families FaceBook page to see how it all unfolds. And of course, I’ll have more to say next Mindful Monday!

So at the risk of having nothing of consequence for you this Mindful Monday, let me offer you my most pressing mindful musing … discipline. In looking it up just now, definitions talk about punishment & rigid rules ~ yuck! The word discipline comes from the word disciple which boils down through the Latin & Old English to mean: to take as above. My inner guidance is calling me to be a disciple to the Love filled callings of my heart. To do this, I have the need for discipline. So even though I am keeping my Mindful Monday blog appointment, I am going to cut it short in all it’s/my messiness and simply offer you the Monday Mindful Meditation Invitation this week to be a disciple too … What callings from above/your heart will you take to this week? May you enJOY showing up for them in all your YESNESS ~ & messiness too if need be! So with the big picture in view, I dance off with small disciplined steps to serve the dream as a devoted disciple!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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