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Reverent Rainbow Refections!

RainbowLightHappy New Year this Mindful Moment!
I am taking & making a mindful moment now to center here with you in looking at the old & new! After a swirl of family Christmas, we are at our annual Music Camp and I am off shortly to lead a few music circles celebrating folk poets & the youth here at camp. I have been coming here for a few decades now to sing in each year; it is a wonderous place of home grown music & connections. Yet, just like in the ‘real world’, stepping back to be mindful & reflective, is necessarily a deliberate act. I am choosing time to acknowledge the celebrations & challenges of 2012 as well as embrace the dream of 2013. I invite you to do the same! Wherever you are & whatever you are doing this week, it is the perfect time for introspection & reflection, revisioning & envisioning. This is your Mindful Meditation Invitation this week of New Year & Epiphany! The Christian tradition of Epiphany is one of the Kings bringing gifts to the Christ child; we can metaphysically celebrate this as mining & aligning with the gifts in our own lives at this start of the calendar year. It is all the more punctuated this year with the end of the Mayan calendar & the Picesian age & the beginning of the Aquarian age. What new frontiers are calling you?!

I may also suggest some mental, physical and/or emotional closet cleaning as part of your revisioning & envisioning process. Being here at music camp, I am reflective of the hundreds … probably 300 or so songs I have written this lifetime & revisiting some of them now has a powerful re-purposing effect. You can do that with anything! The Youth Chorus group of kids this year is very young and our time together yesterday was fun but didn’t yield our song or act for tonight’s concert. I have taken an old song we did yesterday with ribbon sticks and given it a new tune & New Year’s focus that I will teach them shortly. It is a sweet rainbow wish I will give to you:
May your year be filled with rainbows
Rainbows head to toe
May your year be filled with rainbows
Rainbows wherever you go!

May you always have brilliant bright blue skies
and friends when your skies are gray
May you know red & yellow roses
a bouquet each & every day! Chorus

May you always have green trees growing
May green fill your wallet & heart!
May you know the glow of orange, purple & pink
in every day’s brand new start! Chorus

Laurie Story & Jeremiah
Laurie Story & Jeremiah with the NTF big screen!

May this rainbow reminder resonate with your own heart’s reflections! At New Thought Families, we are celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas Dec 26-Jan 6 with gifts & highlights from our site each day. This process is helping us focus on the revisioning & envisioning for Living The Dream In 2013! The perfectly imperfect process is being updated from the road ~ thank God for wifi ~ as we enJOY our music & family travels this week. You can pick up your gifts through our Inspiration page as well as on the daily Play & Pray Calendar pages. Our Holy Light December calendar is holding space with our January Divine Awareness Calendar until week’s end! Also, to see more of our 2013 dream, visit our New Thought Families Vision page ~ we are excited & delighted to be dreaming with you!

Holy, Happy, Harmonious New Year’s Blessings to you & yours! Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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