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EnJOYing Oneness Awareness

Namaste Mindful Meditators!
Light Of HopeThis week burns the candle of Joy in our Advent Awakenings (and I am currently enJOYing wifi connection in a McDs parking lot after an afternoon/evening of darkness & no connections ~ whew!). And we keep the candle of Love burning brightly especially for all the families & community of Newtown, CT.

Light Of HopeThis week’s post is definitely tempered by the horrible event there last Friday & all the beautiful souls who were taken so abruptly & violently. As someone who deliberately does not watch the TV or news, something this big necessarily found me & in short order. I spent Friday offline, no email or FaceBook or any of it & yet by noon, I had heard plenty. Like so many, I went right to prayer, engaging the heart of Love while disengaging the Monkey Mind that can never hope to understand.

We had multiple joyous events over the weekend including our little town’s Parade Of Lights. The festivities had that certain cloud of sadness felt all over the country & even around the world in the wake of the senseless loss of so many innocent lives. And yet, something profoundly powerful was activated: oneness consciousness was heightened & deepened. Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to see the Love in all ~ the acts of Love as well as the cries for Love. In the tragic, piercing cry from Newtown, came the infinite Love of the responders there as well as hearts around the world compassionately responding with prayers of Love & comfort. We all responded with deep compassion, feeling, at various levels of intensity, the breaking hearts … and as we feel their sorrow, may they feel our Love ~ and Joy.

President Obama referred to the World’s Religions in his memorial address last night in Newtown; he said all faiths have a primary question, “Why are we here?” As co-creators of our lives, every human wants/needs to feel safe, loved & happy. When these needs are so viciously violated, we all feel the wound. For as one, we feel each other’s pain. It also must stand then, that as one, we can feel each other’s joy. As I continue to pray for the families & community of Newtown, I consciously choose to reach for the blessings & joys in my life & share those too. One of the blessings of such a tragedy is the reminder to all of us how precious our lives & families are. This morning, getting ready for school, I started to get after Jeremiah for not taking care of his chores. I was quickly reminded to change my tone & send my boy off to school feeling loved & appreciated (~ while still being reminded of his responsibilities)!

This mystery of life can give us full measure of sorrow as well as joys.  Often, we need to reach for joy from our trials or even from the mundane but is a gift to do so. And I believe it is a vibrational gift we can give out … that as we feel & know the sufferings of others that they too can feel & know our joys. And maybe, just maybe, the more we practice the presence, including being mindful of the precious joys of life, we can gift others with more mindfulness of their own joys. Even, and especially, from the depths of sorrow.IMG_1038

Seeing Joy
When we view life with a mystic’s eyes, we see the presence, the Love, the joy everywhere! We live on a beautiful planet & beauty is constantly smiling joy ~ in clouds & raindrops, sunrise & sunset colors,  twinkling stars in the night sky, flowers & trees, mountains & seas, in the eyes of a pet or the wings of a bird, bee, or butterfly ~ joy is constantly winging by! Joy can be found in our steps, our breath, truly in so many ordinary things when we seek to look ~ it is a habit well worth developing! Gratitude is a perfect companion to seeing more joy for the more we give thanks for beauty & goodness, the more we experience of them!  When we see & hear joy in others, we can consciously align with them & give thanks rather than feel jealous or separate. Hearing laughter & seeing smiles can be contagious so spread them around in an effort to see more joy for yourself & others!

Feeling Joy
As we train ourselves to gratefully view & experience more joy, we can’t help but feel more of it! Smiling actually allows you to feel happier!  I love the intentional practice of being happy for no reason & happy for every reason. This melts away expectations, judgments & perfectionism ~ 3 big joy busters! As we look to the very young, our wise teachers in joy, we can see them in their free flowing feelings of joy ~ often over the sacred ordinaries of life. And when they experience pain, it is most often short lived; cried out in a hurry as they reach for more joy. Laughter is a wonderful way to feel joy; Jeremiah & I are blessed to laugh often, for sure daily. Laughter yoga is a great ‘fake it ‘til you make it’ way to laugh, laugh, laugh & generate that joyous feeling. Go laugh with us now on our new Thought Families Laughter page!

Being Joy
The more we embody the lightness of laughter & the alignment of smiling happiness, the more we are in a state of being joy. This doesn’t mean we won’t feel otherwise ~ maybe even daily ~ but as with any practice, the more we do it, the easier it becomes to be it. A wonderful teacher, Kenji Kumaris said that we are here to “Embody awareness of divinity.” Brilliant! And only 4 words ~ woo hoo! To be anything takes an amount of awareness on our part and awareness is infinitely more attainable than the actual embodiment itself ~ unless, of course, you can turn off the monkey mind the way our very young teachers do!  In other words, we can stay aware of our flow of joy and choose to come back into alignment with it anytime. Gratitude, silliness, sacred awareness are all ways to align. And the more we align, the more divinity we embody ~ aware or not!

Thank you for being here bright lights! Thank you for burning the holy flames of Love & Joy with us this sacred day. We offer our multi-media Oh Holy Light December Play & Pray Calendar as well as the roll over surprise Advent Calendar as daily ways to align with joy this season. For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, see how often you can return to joy ~ for yourselves & others! Namaste Love!
Light Of HopeLight Of Hope



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