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Living Love with a Wounded Heart

 Love is the beauty of the soul. ~ Saint Augustine

Greetings Mindful Monday Meditators ! And Tuesday Transformers!
The 2nd Advent candle for Love is here burning brightly! I was here yesterday for Mindful Monday but didn’t finish ~ for the most self loving reasons ~! So it is. Transformational Tuesday & I’m baaaaaack! And given the length of this post, we should probably make it count for at least 2 weeks ~! Ah, such is Love.

 In the Spirit of Advent with attention on preparation & cleansing to embody more light, today’s musings will mostly focus on self Love & how that spills into family Love. For truly, to love our neighbors as ourselves, it requires loving ourselves as deeply as possible. This goes double for family!

First, a brief update on the weekend’s festivities ~! The Las Pasadas walk on Saturday was again a blaze of light filled hearts & I (thankfully!) heard 1 man say at the end of it, “The best one yet!” Another man approached the truck to express how he was moved, especially when Santa knelt at the manger. The gifts of these men giving their comments was immeasurable for me because from the role of musician, it had been challenging at best! The sound system did not go well, the choir couldn’t hear me & I couldn’t hear them! Yikes! Midway through, they were brought up & closer which helped a lot. Still, try 2 instruments & 1 vocal all trying to feed into 1 mic ~ in a moving vehicle ~ again, I say yikes! Jeremiah, my 12 year old musician & ‘little man’ did great but remarked on some disappointment in all the rehearsal time leading up to not being heard. But all it really was good & I know Jeremiah felt good in giving it his best ~ and some people did hear him & love it. Most importantly, I can say the whole of the experience makes up for all the glitches. It was perfectly imperfect as always. And I was struck by all the many faces & hands that make up the whole … Fabulous Faye who coordinates it all … it wouldn’t be without her nor would it be (the same) without all the other players too. Some young ones dressed as angels & shepherds … 1 beautiful little angel so proud of the rainbow lights on her halo … the donkey & his owner … the Baptist minister as reader in the crowded truck with us … the truck & amplification owner … and the moment he hit the gas instead of the brake … ~! Well, enough of the behind the scenes; I am resting in the comments above knowing that life always unfolds perfectly even, and especially in its imperfections! And that, like life itself, Love is perfectly imperfect too!


As part of this week’s Advent commentary on seeing, feeling & being Love, I will further report that we had a beautiful, intergenerational gathering for our 12 Thoughts of Christmas in town Sunday. This sing-a-long concert & playshop from our CD was our 4th annual with musician & singer Shari Anderson at Sophia’s Well Of Wisdom. Participants were 3 to 63+ and we playfully embraced our sacred Christ light. In this intimate setting, I was able to see all these different aged people seeing, feeling, & being more of the Love they are. Several of the children had some reactions that didn’t look at all like joy; 1 autistic boy had to repeatedly go outside for air & sunshine only to return & engage time & again. Another boy became overwhelmed with sadness & cried for a while; his mom let me know what an empath he is often feeling the energies of others. When we did our candle lighting, we especially focused on letting go of the yuckies so our lights can burn brighter & a cloud definitely lifted from the little angel’s heart & eyes and he was smiling, singing & dancing for the rest of the event. Still no matter the emotion, young children & the inner child in each of us embody the awareness of Love so fully & completely ~ no matter what the different personalities or emotions. I believe this is due to an absence of judgement; it is not that pain doesn’t exist in the childlike heart & Spirit, it is that pain is allowed to flow, leaving (really leaving!) as quickly as it comes. All the beautiful angels ~ human & otherwise ~ present were such a gift  reminding me how deeply I am called to this work. And this, the holy time of Light, is perhaps the best time to hear the Love filled callings of our heart.0086The Wounded Heart Living Love
The practice of flowing Love is automatic until we are wounded. Then the defenses fly! We use our tools to forgive, release, heal & mindfully, we can again allow the flow. But if we are not aware of what we do & why we do it, we may well live Love through the wounded heart. One of my artist friends on our Master Mind call yesterday, spoke lovingly of the way that I work and that the over-the-top, never stop is so much about me not feeling good enough. I have been looking at this for a long time but her speaking it allowed me to see that others see it too! Indeed, haven’t you noticed how easy it is to spot the wounds & dysfunctions of others?! Alas, this subject is a very deep one that warrants many discussions but there is just 1 main point I want to return to mentioned in the story above. The wounded heart is pretty much a given … or is it? The little boy who feels others’ pain (described above) has a sister who was in blissful joy the whole of our event. The mom reported asking them both how they would feel if someone called them a bad name. The boy said, “Sad”. The girl said, “Fine. Because I would know it wasn’t true.” Good for her, yes, yes, yes! So in abbreviated blog format, my point is actually two-fold. 1. Living with a wounded heart is inevitable for many & then our choice is to live as much Love as we can, the best we can, with lots of Love for ourselves in allowing as well as healing that wounded heart! 2. In living Love, we can heal the wounded heart, in part, by loving all of the wounded feeling self, as deeply as we love the joyful, productive, ‘successful’ self! In this full acceptance, we allow the flow of Love, whether it is an act of Love or a cry for Love.

Seeing Love
The way I see Love, it is the essence of life, synonymous with God. And we know that there is no spot where God is not!  Ernest Holmes said that everything is either an act of Love or a cry for Love. So that the ‘bad’ of the world is the absence of Love crying out for it. Can we see this next time someone pushes our buttons or we witness a wrong doing? Let’s start with ourselves. 1. Go to the mirror. Look yourself in the eye and affirm Love for yourself. Get past all the judgements; stay for minutes or an hour if necessary. Keep repeating Love & I promise you the face you see will lighten up, soften in beauty. 2. Write in a journal your self judgements & counter them with the accepting voice of unconditional Love, the same way you would for your child or a loved one. 3. Accept the moments of ‘non`Love’ with as much Love as you can. We are human and as such will continue to have negativity arise within us & around us. Ernest Holmes also said, “If I have lost the object of my love temporarily, yes, I’ll cry. Tears are made to be shed. I’m not afraid of tears, and I think it is a silly person who says he doesn’t have to shed them and never feels badly. It isn’t true. He is just lying to cover up a great truth, and that will never get him anywhere.” The more we can embrace ourselves in totality, the more we can do so for our families, neighbors and global family.

Feeling Love ~ Detaching from the Wounded Heart
To embody more Love, we often have to reckon with the wounds that build the wall around the heart. There are many, many modalities. In the Buddhist tradition, there is an active detachment to suffering. Usually it is our judgements of how it is supposed to be that cause our suffering. When we are able to embrace what is, how it is, then, feeling Love ~ and even joy for that matter ~ are infinitely more possible! As reported here recently, my almost teen boy entered Jr. high this year and suddenly, there is an issue around PDA ~ that’s public display of affection. My judgement is that this conscious being I have so tenderly & carefully raised should be able to rise above peer pressure & hormonal changes to still be able to show the world how much he loves his mother. But in feeling unconditional Love & compassion for both of us, I realized I could do more healing around old relationships where I wasn’t honored & that I could, indeed, rise above the situation. Here again, it comes back to me loving me so that I am free to unconditionally Love others as well as feel the Love that is there for me even if the circumstances look different than I’d like.

Being Love
As human beings, we experience Love or anything else through our bodies. So even stirrings of the heart & soul are interpreted for the most part through our bodies. Thereby, no discussion of (self) Love should go by without mention of food, rest, meditation, play ~ the elements of self care that allow our body temples to receive & flow Love. The ways already mentioned also help us to anchor in Love. We could easily speak of so many actions of the season such as service as a way of being Love. But I must close this epic post now, for all of our sakes! Thank you so much if you’re still reading!SpiritualToolBox

Love is the foundation of New Thought Families & our monthly themes for 2013 are all centered on allowing us to embody awareness & actions for Living Love ~ wounded hearts or not! And yes, we will also offer tools for healing the wounded heart allowing us to flow more Love. For now, come celebrate Oh Holy Light on our daily Play & Pray Calendar & this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation is to Love all of our being as well as our doing in the world ~ even, & especially when any of the yuckies surface! For our music video, Always Love, click  here! Namaste Love!



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