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Thanks Living In Sacred Celebration

Happy Thanks Living this Mindful Monday before Thanksgiving!

I am recovering from what the Bernstein Bears children’s book called “Too Much Birthday!” so this will be a blessedly brief post! It has been a delightfully celebratory week including an especially full weekend with a Thanks Living Party yesterday as part of the nifty gifty of turning 50! I am so blessed in love! And so glad that I decided to embrace the big five O with the zeal of gratitude for being alive! At the Thanks Living party, folks lit candles on the altar and participated in the blessing bowl … taking a blessing & leaving a blessing for someone else … On the morning of my actual birth, I had a very sweet time with Jeremiah that made me cry in the best of ways. My now 12 year old boy was very giving & loving in his honoring of me on my special day. I then had a party to honor my angels. I made a special altar in honor of all the angels & Spirits who have guided me through this life … The video of this Angel Party  is on our New Thought Families FaceBook page ~ join us in our Thanks Living there! Here’s a glimpse of the Angel Party:

What this month of Thanks Living has centered me in is a deeper acceptance of the truth ~ of what is & what isn’t. I am once again finding myself able to be happy for no reason & happy for every reason. I compassionately see the sacred synergy of my life with complete reverence. I wish the same for you … may all beings know the absolute gift of what it is to be alive! Happy, happy Thanks Living! That’s our theme on site this month & on our daily Play & Pray Calendar that has multi-media inspirations featuring some KidSpeak art & voice.  This week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation is to (continue to) be reJOY Singing in Thanks Living … inside & out ~ no matter what! EnJOY!



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