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Thanks Living in Sacred Synergy

Namaste this Transformational Tuesday!
Sorry to miss the Monday Mindful Matters mark but got swept away in technical difficulties that I won’t bother to recount. Luckily I stayed mostly peaceful if not joyful through the process that I am actually still in the middle of. Interesting to watch the monkey mind wanting to label, categorize and yes, tell the story, even now. But like last week’s mindful musings, the bottom line is acceptance & flow with what is rather than resistance in the face of the judgements that say how it should be. I had ample opportunities this week to let go and just be Thanks Living with what showed up rather than what I had planned. I heard a profound 4 word truth statement from a recording of Rikka Zimmerman who said, “Fixed perspective causes stress.” And yes, like most truth, it is incredibly simple and when used, shines the light of awareness on any given situation allowing for the choice to take it, think it, do it, differently.

 Turtle Family
Thanks to Michel Kotski for the turtle picture!

I have had some big answered prayers this week in finding layers of truth about my life & my work. Fortunately & unfortunately, some of this proves to be the inconvenient truth in that it means some needed alteration to what is,  in relationship to the dreams. What if my dreams are perfectly doable visions but just not with what I have co-created to date? What if I have to re-do everything? Everything? Hence the ego self enters the conversation & throws a few hooks into the weaving of the web. In knowing the truth, it is always a weaving process. But when we see it all for our  highest good & the highest good of all, nothing is a mistake. Every co-creation is meaningful. And as we show up to serve others, sometimes we do have to alter our offerings.

As an artist, I have co-created a prolific amount of offerings and lately, I’ve been following a little piece of advice I heard from a recording with Sage Levine, “Your offerings are like hors d’oeuvres on a plate. You don’t want the plate to sit in the kitchen, you want it to circulate through the party.” One thing I’ve been pondering though is, what if I am circulating at the wrong party?  Truth or my resistance to circulation?! Returning to Love, there is trust, deep trust in the Co-Creator of those same hors d’oeuvres… everything truly is working out for my highest good & the highest good of all. I am choosing to be yessing that blessing! And that yessing of what is allows the flow of gratitude. So I continue to name & claim the Thanks Living I participate in every day!

Hope!And as I pray to see clearly, the truth does come in sacred synergy. Part of my truth is to stay focused on what is most important for me to do and not get gobbled up in the shiny object syndrome ~ there is always something ~ LOTS of some things calling at any given moment! And in my sacred synergy & truth seeking, I continue to explore how best to offer New Thought Families with or without me, as artist/host  in the center.

This week, I continue to live last week’s  Mindful Meditation Invitation to speak up & out about Thanks Living experiences ~ as well as to live them in sacred synergy! I am in sacred celebration of my birthday this week and as I am turning a milestone 50, I have multiple fun times planned including  hosting a Thanks Living party/open house in our very tiny space. I have always had parties but it’s been a few years since living here so I am throwing caution to the wind & opening up the house in a celebration of life! We’ll have a blessing bowl, remembrance ribbons for the trees ~ multiple opportunities to express Thanks Living ~ including cake & champagne ~ and yes, hors d’oeuvres! Come on over! And as always, you are invited to play & pray with us at New Thought Families with our daily calendar & other inspirations. By the way, Happy Diwali! Diwali is the biggest Hindu Festival of the year happening this year Nov 11-15. It is a celebration of good over evil & light over dark. May the light of truth shine for you in your sacred synergy & Thanks Living this week! Namaste, love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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