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Any Solution To ‘Natural’ Evolution?!

Namaste This Mindful Monday!
What a week it has been! I hope that wherever & however you are, it has been an opportunity for Thanks Living! With November hosting the interfaith celebration of Thanksgiving here in America, many minds & hearts have turned to gratitude. It is a blessed time when there is more outer expression of what I call Thanks Living, a way of being that is of course suited to anytime & all times. In the wake of  Hurricane Sandy & the ongoing aftermath, gratitude as well as a remembered reverence for life has surfaced … the perfect gateway to the upcoming holiday season of light.
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Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to reach for peace by letting go of resistance ~ especially when we don’t understand! ~ This is often easier said than done. I did some deeper levels of healing within & found the outer repercussions interestingly aligned. For one, it was Halloween and while the trick or treating was postponed or cancelled for many East coast children, it happened here as usual. Except that for me personally, it was a banner year with 12 year old Jeremiah going out the first time without me ~ boo! But not really. For it is natural for a child to leave the parent … in baby steps and sometimes in bigger leaps. I faced some sadness within me; and realized it was much deeper than this one night. As a new Jr. High student, Jeremiah is asserting his independence more and more. As it should be. And he is wanting to set up different ground rules between us … like public displays of affection. As it should be? And he sometimes is uncommunicative or even downright rude on occasion. As it should be? I think not! But then the territory of the teenager is new to me … a wise friend with three grown children & a pack of grandchildren explained it thus, “If children stayed their endearing 10 or 11 year old selves in disposition, we would never want them to leave home or it would break our hearts when they did. They’d be packing for college and we’d be saying, “Don’t go!” But instead they become someone else for awhile, someone you’re glad to be distanced from so that when the packing comes, you say, “Go! Go!” “. And so it is? Is this really the natural progression? Thinking back on my teenage years, I was certainly a different person; a wild child with many rebellious tendencies. But I wasn’t raised with the same spiritual parenting that Jeremiah has had, the times are in general, are more conscious and he is infinitely more aware than I was, at least in certain ways. So what is today’s ‘normal’? Is natural evolution altered by consciousness? How could it not be?!

 In doing my inner work, there was much around family and breaking cycles of pain. So, by no accident, I heard from a self alienated sibling yesterday calling me in so much pain ~ a rare outreach that I believe was prompted by the consciousness as a whole as well as the inner workings of each of us. I think I was able to help & I am sending her some recordings & tools for her ongoing healing. I am reminded of the power of awareness met with willingness. And as we turn to our divine Source for Love in the midst of the pain, change does come. Evolution of the family cycles can and do change. Ancestors, I honor your pain but I am no longer willing to carry it forward for myself or my children.

Evolution is often a cycle of destruction & rebirth. Knowing that life works in this way can lessen our resistance to what is even and especially to the big ones like Sandy. As I sit with it this moment, the solution remains acceptance rather than resistance. Awake, aware & accepting. And then there is the magic of resilience, the power to keep saying YES & co-creating from what is rather than what ‘should’ be.

And my YES this month is Thanks Living. The tool of gratitude is such a great one for well-being & happiness building ~ at any age. As a spiritual parent of my son, myself, my work, I am reminded to keep taking action on my callings ~ to be a steward steeped in acceptance, resilience & grateful reverence for all that is & all that can be though willing co-creation. YES! Yessing that blessing in Thanks Living!

Thanks so much for taking a mindful moment with me this day. And I wholeheartedly invite you to join us this month at New Thought Families for Thanks Living! Our daily Play & Pray Calendar has multi-media inspirations featuring some KidSpeak art & voice. Our New Thought Families FaceBook page offers a place to show up & post your daily Thanks Living experiences. This week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation is to speak up & out about your experiences of Thanks Living … here, there, everywhere!
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