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Listen: Love Calling!


Namaste this Mindful Monday!
I greet you in the Spirit of quietude! Anyone joining me in the Meditation Invitations to be in the quietude? I love it so and am taking as much quiet time as possible ~ as often as possible! I found myself extra challenged this last week as Jeremiah had a week off school & his dad came out from the East to stay with us in our tiny place. I realized once again how unfortunately easy it is to slide into the no one wins right-wrong game. After days of staying ~mostly~ positive & grateful, I watched myself slide into retaliation and then eventually crawled my way back up out of it. Jeremiah was sad to see his parents fight and as he put it, “let their egos get the best of them.” It wasn’t pretty.  But at least Jeremiah has conscious tools & awareness lenses to observe it all. And I stayed conscious of, if not always in direct contact with, the higher Love ever calling. And we did enJOY some beautiful, nature filled moments. We walked around a small lake near here and I took some wonder-filled footage that I have incorporated into some of our quiet meditation moment pds featured on our daily Play & Pray Calendar. My favorite are these star sparkles that manifested with the sunlight dancing on the water. I will link the pdf to the picture below and see if you can access it ~ just a pdf with a bit of ~ QUIET ~ and sparkling video footage embedded:
Sparkle On Water

There are so many ways to see everything in this experience of life. I recently learned from my 12 year old son ~ in an earth shattering, bubble bursting moment ~ that the ‘sound of the sea’ I heard in my seashells, could be heard by cupping any glass or mug over my ear. Really?! If you’re anything like me, I most often choose my reality by following my heart. What I have come to reckon with is that sometimes, I am following a wounded heart. Yet, I have also come to know & believe more deeply than ever that everything is always working out for my highest good.  This means that my heart is always calling simply to express Love more fully … and sometimes that requires more healing along the way! Thereby, this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation is to stay in the quietude open to hear what is calling you for your next highest expression of Love. I am following a calling this week & will let you know next Mindful Monday how it went. Meantime, thank you so much for being here. Do Play & Pray with us on our daily calendar and in the quietude of your shining, take a moment now with our sparkling pdf linked to the picture above. Remember to hear your still small voice in the quietude & know you are indeed the light of the world! Namaste!



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