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Unrealistic Mystic?

Namaste this Mindful Monday!
Here in America, it is a celebration of Columbus Day or as some prefer to re-frame it, Indigenous People’s Day.  In all of our heritage oneness, it is indeed both. As it is in the alchemy of life, we are all things, interconnected by the thread of Love in this web of life. Seeing that thread in all things, is the mystic. Living the thread is ~ hopefully ~ the new, emerging realistic!

In practicing last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation to be in the quiet, I deepened into the knowing that I am here to serve in the ways that I am called whether or not that comes with a paycheck and a ‘tribe’ of like-minded community ~ I will express my yes no matter what! And the money is here, thank you God! And thank you to Jeremiah’s dad & family who support me in being the full time mom I am called to be as well as the artist. In embracing all of me, especially the “unrealistic” me who refuses to get a ‘real’ job, the beautiful Mother Teresa has once again surfaced from the quietude.

We have a page on the dear Mother as part of our Peacemakers section & our Name That Peacemaker Games at New Thought Families. Many if not most people do not realize that according to her own correspondence records that came out after her death, Mother Teresa experienced a very long, deep, ‘dark night of the soul’ whereby she could not feel God. Yet, incredibly, she kept true to the calling that started with the God she could no longer experience ~ for decades! While this definitely seems saintly and is indeed, inspiration for a life of service, I have to ponder if Mama T would have been more receptive to the ever present Love if she had allowed more time & comfort for ~ herself! You know, mammas & pappas on the airplanes are instructed to put their own oxygen mask first and then that of their children … fill the well so it doesn’t run dry!

I want to share with you a poem I wrote for Mother Teresa who, incredibly, left a legacy of Love even though she couldn’t feel it herself for so much of her long life of service. But first, I want to gratefully report that being in quietude this last week put me in touch with a vitamin deficiency in my body that I was able to remedy and it has me feeling a 1000 times better! Hence, better able to serve! And I want to issue the weekly invitations to Play & Pray with us every day at New Thought Families:
BahamaSeashellAttitude Of Quietude Calendar:
and this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation to be in quietude, hear your heart calling & trust what you hear! Thank you so much for taking a Mindful Moment here! And thank you Mother Teresa for being so dear.

Good works are links that form a chain of love. ~ Mother Teresa

To You Who Gave
Mother Teresa who gave to the poor …
did you ever wonder what it was all for?
When you listened to your heart, was it always true?
And in your endless giving, who gave to you?
In your selfless living, did you feel the grace?
Were you filled with the same mercy that you gave?
Did you ever soak in a warm bubble bath?
Did you have a good friend that made you laugh?
Were there arms to hold you? A voice in your ear?
Did anyone speak to your doubt and fear?
Were you blessed with at least one comforting friend;
someone you could trust in and forever depend?
Beautiful Mother Teresa, you ministered to us all,
even if your faith faltered, you answered the call.
And if you ever wondered what it was all for,
know now that your love, loves you back ever more.
~ Laurie Story

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