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Attitude Of Quietude

Namaste this day, new week, new month! Truth is every breath is a new beginning if we let it be!

So as reported last week, the new CD IS out … making it’s way into the very busy airwaves of miraculous digital distribution. My simple little songs are singing their gifts for anyone called to listen … sent from home where this amazing sunset photo was taken. I embrace the abundance of that as I still reckon with the passion that says yes and the resistance to what is that says there should be money, fans, and some sort of ‘demand’ for my music to be taking up airspace. Funny how  attachment to outcome will steal your joy every time. So I took a very little time to cruise a few of the latest offerings out there racking up the hundreds of thousands of hits ~ like some footage from Madonna’s tour taped & aired last week. In the end, it made me happy to be me even if that means soaking up my little piece of sunset studded sky in my corner of obscurity.

And every time I venture out to take in current media (I rarely if ever watch TV), I am blasted with a noise that sends me running back inward. So that is, in part, why we are focussing on Quietude this month at New Thought Families. Some nature, some creativity, some family, some peace & quiet … for there is definitely peace in the quiet. And as I continue on my brave quest of reckoning with all the pages created over the years, we are getting a better handle on offering the offerings ~ I hope! Plugging in to Interfaith rituals and practices, tapping back into our Peacemaker pages ~ with our all time favorite George Washington Carver featured this month, a man who lived miracle after miracle in good part, by listening ~ eventually getting a grip on all the Living Green & Spiritual home practice pages & videos as well. But wait! There’s more! Music videos, Conscious Comedy Shows (new one due out this week!), story books and even a return of the comic strip featuring Joy Boy & the World Peace Family. Truth be told, I probably *should* give up the comic strip once & for all as I’m just not that good at it but I am listening … yes in the middle of my prolific passion, I AM listening. And it is really good to get quiet. And moreover, to get into an attitude of quiet.

I did watch my favorite movie the other night with Jeremiah, The Princess Bride. And we laughed, I cried ~ just a little ~ and we talked about true love. At first Jeremiah said, “True love is when one person is madly in love with another person who is also madly in love with them.” Hee hee, well yes … I guess … Then we talked about true love, God style. You know, how when you are SO in love with LIFE and life loves you back. That’s the kind of passion that calls us to yes, calls us to co-create our gifts. As I took this in as last week’s Monday Mindful Meditation Invitation, I looked at myself & others with Love lenses focused on how we show up for life … I learned of an old friend dying of liver cancer. From the heart of the city he lives in, he’s calling out to friends for nature, animals & music. Yesterday, for “church”, Jeremiah & I went to visit our friend Myra Rose who is now 101.
Similar to another friend who is 97, Myra seemed just worn out with being here in the body she is in. She is still smiling with her positive gratitude for life but the smile is definitely tired; she is simply ready to go. And yet she knows that our time isn’t always God’s time. So, Myra Rose, like all of us, is doing her best to live life to the fullest even as her world gets smaller & smaller.

Truth be told, I think I feel a good deal of that weariness in my bones as well but unlike Myra Rose, I still have a lot of choices & opportunities to live my best life. For now, I am choosing to get quiet, to be quiet. I am choosing to embrace an attitude of quietude heaped with plenty of gratitude. So thank you, thank you for being here gentle reader. And if it resonates with your being, the Monday Mindful Meditation Invitation this new moment is to go into quietude, ‘peace, be still.” Join us at the daily Play & Pray Attitude of Quietude Calendar! And from this place, let us see what new awareness’ & co-creations surface; it is so fun to be us! Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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