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The Passion Of Compassion

Namaste this New Beginning Monday!

It is ‘head of the year’ aka a Happy New Year in the Jewish tradition today.  As I understand it (not being Jewish myself), Rosh Hashanah is both a celebration and a reflection with a call for ‘cleaning house’ so as not to take any negativity into the New Year. There is an invitation to reflect on the past year’s choices with forgiveness & awareness so as not to repeat them ~ seems that is putting head & heart into the new start!

I love that life always gives us the opportunity to begin again. Whether it is when we align with the deep & holy history of a faith tradition’s celebration like Rosh Hashanah or this week’s upcoming Equinox observance of the turning of the wheel or simply that we awaken to a sunrise each new day. Like all of time & space, it is the consciousness we bring to the moments that make them sacred or scarcely noticed, holy or ho hum.

Now, at this pont in the post, I’d like to insert our music video, Begin Again but I guess I hit a limit with this a while back or something cuz it just doesn’t work anymore the way it once did ~ any of you great bloggers out there know why?! Now here’s a really weird thing … I looked back at January posts looking for Begin Again and on Jan 16, 2012, is our latest Conscious Comedy Tell~A~Vision video ~ the one we just put out this month ~ hugh?! Well, slight regression except to say we have lots of videos & expressions to share if you want to join us at New Thought Families ~ which actually speaks to today’s point … the passion of compassion.

So awake & aware ~ or not ~ what motivates us in our expressions of living? Hopefully there is a noticable measure of passion in what we do. The calling to Love that we have mindfully been exploring the last few weeks in looking at work & play, play & work.  I am continuing my exploration of work & money, having my hand held by Tama Kieves latest book, Inspired & Unstoppable. Today I’ll quote her thus, “This is the secret of abundance. We don’t infuse our gifts with the impoverished energies of obligation, resentment, or desperation. We don’t decide who needs to receive what we have to offer or when they need it. We give with grace. We give with fullness. We give with gratitude for our gifts and for this life and for every single human being who walks this earth.” And this last point is where I see the convergence of passion & compassion. When we are in a place of giving our gifts with passion & gratitude for ourselves & others, the passion in compassion is ignited.

I am also reading spiritual historian Karen Armstrong who, through a TED award spearheaded the writing of a Charter for Compassion drafted by a variety of world religious leaders. At the heart of it all, as Armstrong points out is at the core of all religions, is the Golden Rule, you know, the do unto others credo that says to treat others how you would want to be treated. Armstrong also begins by defining compassion through the selflessness of motherhood. It is indeed motherhood … of a child and other creations … that has taught me what committed passion can do. As I am just entering into Armstrong’s 12 Steps to Compassion, I have yet to see where she goes but this I do know; we don’t often love ourselves deeply enough to act with true passion. Thereby for our world to shift into the new paradigm of compassion, aka global citizenry, we still need to heal our individual hearts, families, communities so that we are acting as authentic expressions of the Love we are created to be. And what better way to do that then by following our passions?!

Thereby, this week’s Mindful Monday Meditation Invitation is to explore your passions and see how/if they feed the life of compassion.

We are passionately continuing the ‘garage’ cleaning & makeover at New Thought Families ~which includes linking up our interfaith pages; celebrate Rosh Hashanah with us! Our September To Remember Calendar celebrates the circle of Life & Love ~ play & pray with us every day!  Thank you for being here as the gift of Love you are … this brand new moment!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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