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Working Wonders

Namaste this Thoughtful Tuesday following the Mindful Monday that was our Labor Day holiday here in the USA ~!

After a very full loooong weekend of music & travel, I am here, I am here, I am here, I am here! I am here in gratitude, commitment, service, and Love. This blog, like the New Thought Families website is a labor of Love and the lines of self serving expression & service to others is often blurred in my creative voice that will not remain silent. So today, on the 80th weekly blog entry here, my little commentary looks at (my) work & it is my hope that if you have landed here by divine appointment, this will hold some meaning for you as well.

Labor Day recognizes & honors the work that we do, and the work of all those who have gone before us. Some of these (child) labors have truly been part of our collective insanity and yet the work that calls me could also, understandably, be labeled as crazy. And, in fact, I think most members of my family have indeed called me such over the years. I just happen to consider God my boss and I do the work I feel called to do. I am an open channel of creativity. To date, there hasn’t been a high rate of monetization for this work so the ‘normal’ way to see it, is not as work at all. Truth be told, it is not so much that I go upstream from the income stream, it is simply that my receiving channels are (must be!) clogged. In the past, I haven’t focussed on money or really cared too much about getting paid to do my calling though there was a decade back there that had me convinced I would indeed be rich ~ and famous! ~ some day. Then, somehow the some days turned into these days where I am content to be expressing Love as fully as I can while also being fully conscious & welcoming of money. For in this life, money is currently required to survive & thrive ~ and to help facilitate the same for others.

I come from a long line of hard workers … with many labors of Love. They all worked really hard for not a lot of money but lived abundantly in other ways. Mmm … me too! But there is a level of suffering in shortage of money and a lie that says our God is not an abundant God. I do believe I am moving more & more into alignment with receiving that (energy of) money and it is my prayer to receive it while still fully doing the work I am called to.

The logistical report is that I just finished a power point presentation for a job interview tomorrow. I think I’ve only done one other job interview in the last 20 years. Maybe it’s time. Or maybe it’s time to step up and ask others for financial support for the work that God calls me to. Or both? Putting time & energy towards ‘other’ work just makes me realize how much I love my ‘own’.  Yet if ‘my’ work isn’t serving others, then clearly it’s time to do something that does! Still and all, the work of life is Love. And that which we Love isn’t really ever work. Think about it; a family is Love, a family is work, and the payment for the work of family is Love.

The other logistical note, is that we did indeed record 12 songs this last weekend for the Trust What You Hear CD that began back in 2008. Still hoping to use 2 of the 08 recordings for the 14 song CD. We are still in the midst of some post edit but I do believe the CD will be birthed this month after a long labor of Love ~ yippee!

New Thought Families online is getting a bit of a different look and we are still working on weaving into more visibility our interfaith inspirations in keeping with our vision and with the Global Association’s of New Thought’s Season for Interfaith-Intercultural Celebration. We are spotlighting many of our videos this month as an add on to our daily Play & Pray Calendar as we remember this September the truth of who we are and the expressions of Love we are here to be ~ yippee! Play & pray with us!

Remember In September: Play in The Sand ~ Mandala Meditation!

Last week, our Mindful Meditation Invitation was to continue to weave our summer expressions of Love in a process of revisitation, reverence & re-visioning. This week, let us meditate on how our lives are woven with work & Love ~ can we put more work into our Love & Love into our work?! Thank you for being here ~ for being part of this moment of Love. Namaste!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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