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Staying Soulfully Satisfied

Namaste this Mindful Monday!
I hope this finds you soulfully satisfied with what is and empowered to co-create what it is you are called to be!

Last week’s post slid in on Tuesday as we went off for an adventure seeking new school & home. We found both! Or shall I say, we found the option of both. We co-created a really good  possible reality and the very real choice of such. And the night before the Friday moving sale, the starry skies and coyote cries from the rolling hills that surround us convinced the wavering me to stay put. I just couldn’t leave the country and our spacious, ever expanding garage for a small 2 bedroom apartment in a city of 60,000 ~ even if the school was just down the street! Choices. Thank You God for choices. Some more of my process entails the commitment to be a a more abundant manifestor of cash so that my choices are expanded.

Soooooooooo … we had the moving sale but are staying here for now. Jeremiah started school today in a wicked heat spell that had us at 111 over the weekend ~ whew! He IS at a new school because he has moved on to Junior High; I leave shortly to take him & his buddy to the high school for math. Not nearly as green as the other choice of the school down the street but a part of our equation none-the-less. In the wake of co-creation & last minute decisions, I am blessedly, decidedly staying soul satisfied. And I am following the ever present directional signs and saying YES to expansion & co-creation even and especially from the place where I am ~ wherever I am!
Our soul is always speaking to us; asking us to grow & expand, to know & understand, and to flow with the Love pouring from creation’s hand. Our soul speaks to us of options, of balance, of  joyful pathways that allow us to evolve. We are co-creators ~ always ~ even if we are doing it unconsciously! So this summer, I co-created some options (at least 2!) for moving but in the end stayed put. Maybe my ego is dancing with me but I feel empowered as a co-creator to have manifested the options and then in making the choice to stay but staying with a greater appreciation of all we have here. Don’t it always seem to go /That you don’t know what you’ve got/ Till it’s gone … ~ Joni Mitchell

I am still in the midst of my inner moves, here at home & the garage and with work & co-creating money but I just feel so blessed in Love! I am turning all of this into new goals for New Thought Families and hope to lay some of that out next Mindful Monday. And I can’t wait to hear Jeremiah’s school report! We talked a lot about using tools. He said he is going to remember that “hurt people hurt people” if he sees people’s pain body’s coming out. Unfortunately, junior high can be a time where pain gets stirred up & inflicted through doubtful, evolving hearts in hormonal bodies. For Jeremiah, we continue our morning prayer & meditation practice and we are doing some other release work before bed.

Thanks for stopping by this monumental Monday! Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to keep using our GPS (God Positioning System), looking at  judgement on our mindful maps & using the rest stop of Forgiveness everywhere along the way that we found judgements that felt heavy. I did a lot of this and found so much FREEDOM! Woo hoo!  So for this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, may we open up to all the places we can satisfy our our soul’s longing to expand. Try asking, “How can I be a fuller expression of the Love I was created to be?!”

At New Thought Families, we continue our Sacred Summer of Celebration Moments & our Play & Pray Calendar is featuring signs ~what sacred signs are calling you?! Namaste, Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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