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Coming Home To Forgiveness

Namaste Mindful Travelers!
So we are back home after nearly a month of travelling and we are off again today to explore new possibilities … 2 new middle schools & multiple home options. Jeremiah is calling for a new expanded experience in his schooling & life and the tired me is trying to remember my own calling of the same. At the moment, I feel like giving up on expansion~ hee hee, isn’t THAT funny?! It does strike me as a humorous thing & yet isn’t that the stuff broken dreams & unhappy lives are made of?! Just this last weekend, we renewed faith & hope, clarity & conviction at our annual Feathers Of Faith Family Fun Camp in the high Sierras. We were a small but mighty, highly perfectly on purpose group who laughed, sang, drummed, splashed, prayed & played on sacred ground. Delicious & nutritious! Being that we were a small group of 12 with varied backgrounds, I let go of quite a bit of the “organized” program of Feathers and let myself be more relaxed & in the flow. What ensued was a sweet divine order that seemed to fill everyone up, just right. Jeremiah & I touched into the place where we are shining, giving our gifts in a supported, welcoming environment. And so, off we go today, ready to embrace whatever miracles are waiting to be discovered ~ Thank You God!

Facing the shine with a worried mind?!

As I am unpacking the suitcases & my mind from all that has whirled through this last month, I found the need & place for Forgiveness. For all the implementation of tools, forgiveness remains one of the most powerful for cutting through the veil of judgement to a place of release and peace that our minds typically aren’t capable of.
The practice of peace and reconciliation is one of the most vital and artistic of human actions. ~ Thich Nhat Hanh
I have been enJOYing applying tools this summer … especially to judgement. Like the one from Access Consciousness that invites us to check in and know that the truth feels light and a lie feels heavy. Still and all, our judgements serve a myriad of purposes but negative criticism/judgement only serves as a lie. It can be a powerful force that keeps us away from the truth of who we are. Forgiveness is of God, therby it is truth. Forgiveness always feels light & truthful in the body, mind & Spirit. So, I am going forth with fortitude & a full heart of forgiveness ready to embrace the miracles of expansion. Woo hoo!

For last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, we embraced navigating with our GPS (God Positioning System), the place of judgement on our mindful maps. This week, let us employ the rest stop of Forgiveness everywhere along the way that we find judgements that are feeling heavy. At New Thought Families, we continue our Sacred Summer of Celebration Moments & our Play & Pray Calendar is featuring signs ~ more sacred symbols for our journeys! Namaste, Love … with faith filled forgiveness!



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