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Beach Blessings

Namaste this Mindful MONDAY!

Beach Blessings from my early morning walk on Brigantine Beach this morning! I was reminded of perspective, balance of light & dark, choices, chances, voices.

In the midst of the early morning splendor & beauty, there were biting flies. I was present to both but definitely noticed my judgements. Been thinking a lot about judgements; a necessary part of life? Is judgement the same as discernment? Can we live as observer in unconditional Love & acceptance of all that is in any given moment? Yes … AND we get to choose lots of things about our moments! Such is the gift of free will.

I continue to lean into the choices & voices within me. The update on my mid-life re-organization & subsequent relocation goes like this:
We are travelling another week, now back to Jeremiah’s dad’s house from the beautiful beach weekend … flying to the Sierras on Thursday & on to the Feathers Of Faith Family Camp until Sunday. My friend who we stayed with at her shore house urged me to contact my landlady who as it turns out has not rented our place yet. Due to  ongoing uncertainties including money … I told her we were staying TFN … that I might let her know of a move upon her return from a Europe vacation mid August and that I would give her 30 days either way. Still feeling it’s time to go but appreciating the safety net and embracing the unfolding process with trust.

I have been working on freedom from judgement for some time. With my 50th birthday coming mid-November, I have been saying the # all year so I can slip into it with grace when the day comes. To be sure, many of the self judgements I can indulge in are harmful at best. But what about the judgements of where & how to live as our highest expressions of Love? It remains my prayer … I left it in the sand this morning gently erased by the waves and witnessed by the clouds & rising sun.

Our Mindful Meditation Invitation this last week was to continue to listen to our guidance with the intention to align & see the miracles of manifestation unfolding moment by moment. As we embrace this next week’s Invitation, let’s navigate with our GPS (God Positioning System), the place of judgement on our mindful maps. As we enter into August, we continue our Sacred Summer of Celebration Moments  & our Play & Pray Calendar will feature signs ~ more sacred symbols for our journeys! Namaste, Love … happy trails!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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