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Structure, Stillness, Surrender, Oh My!

God doesn’t play dice.Albert Einstein

Grace Filled Greetings this Mindful Moment!

I must acknowledge that our Monday Mindful Moments have indeed slipped into Wednesdayness these past few weeks and it IS my intention to get back on track one Monday soon … rather than change the name of the blog, I will get back to the structure it was set up as … And yes, our week starts any moment we choose.

So we are still East and have had an amazing roller coaster of events this past week. If you follow the blog, you know this is not an ordinary vacation but rather an exploration for moving (back) here. I am reminded of all the ways God communicates with us … how the universe does indeed answer our questions but often not in the way we think! I once picked up a teaching along the way somewhere that said the “right” answer in flipping a coin was in how you felt about the result. So if you say, heads we do this and tails we do that, the coin is flipped and the answer is “that” … do you feel a rush of “YES” or “OH”?  THAT is the REAL answer!

In looking at the big picture of the changes we are embracing; where to live, work, go to school, have (church) community, the only possible way through is to surrender to God. To align our intentions and desires with the Great Creator, Master Gardner and follow our guidance … through the stillness and yes, through the structure. I have found (at least!) 2 important truths this summer in trying to do my Creativity Camps while embracing major changes, travel, family, work & so many uncertainties all in the wake of my mid-life re-organization. Those truths include: Creativity requires both chaos & structure; the structure providing a necessary foundation for freedom & exploration. Also true with our relationship with God (or any other relationship!), structure, aka spiritual practice allows for expansion & growth. When we surrender to the stillness, by turning our backs on the busyness, God is always right there to greet us with whatever it is we need ~ comfort, guidance, alliance, Love. Always Love.

“Gravity cannot be held responsible for people falling in love.” ~ Albert Einstein

I have walked this waterfall week with prayerful feet, the power of Niagara Falls and a listening heart & mind. There are amazing stories of synchronicity & challenge I could fill this blog page with. The Reader’s Digest, drive through version goes like this: We visited an Interfaith church where Jeremiah & I sang as a last minute addition to their Sunday service, a minister there told us of an amazing school that we visited. Solebury is indeed a phenomenal place for Jeremiah but it has a high price tag and is remotely located leaving a challenge of where to live. Last Sunday, I am guided to a Unity church 25 miles from the school and go there while Jeremiah & his dad are at a ballgame. I fall in love and feel SO at home, get a tip on a possible rental in a very sweet little town … seems like all is falling into place … but there is this pervasive lack of supportive structure, this unhealthy family dynamic going on … and on … So, though many signs green light our way, my surrender into the stillness says that such miracles are available elsewhere and I must choose harmony & peace. Ok long story shorter … I came to clarity yesterday that we will return to CA and find our church, school, work there. Am following leads … trusting the miracles … gratefully and grace-fully allowing divine order to unfold. I trust the peace this decision has brought ~ amazingly to all of us. As I find retreat in the sweetness of stillness & surrender, I am embracing structure for its allowance of sacred awareness.
Sometimes one pays most for the things one gets for nothing. ~ Albert Einstein

At New Thought Families, we are embracing Sacred Moments this summer ~ celebrate with us in our daily Play & Pray Calendar. Also look for our video PDFs … the PDFs have Sacred Moment videos embedded … though I have footage for some new Moments yet to come, the current ones were done 4 years ago. I look & listen to Jeremiah on today’s video taped 4 years ago and smile at the path we have been on. It is all good. It is all God. And YES, God is good all the time! Thank You God! I am Yessing the Blessings of life ~ uncertainties and all!

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to listen to our guidance … be it in the roar, buzz or silence. This week, let us continue to listen but also to intend, align & see the miracles of manifestation unfolding moment by moment. Using our gifts of structure, stillness & surrender, let us experience the sacredness of life as the miracle it is!

“There are only two ways to live your life. One is as though nothing is a miracle. The other is as though everything is a miracle.” ~ A. Einstein



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