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Waterfall Wake

Namaste this Mindful Moment!

I greet you from western NY … where we have been experiencing friendship, Finger Lakes, library performances with Laurie’s Stories, safe travels, lots of  yummy food and the thunderous, wonderous Niagara Falls:
Here I am just before embracing the waterfall walk that drenched my body, mind & soul ~! The water pours down at 75,000 gallons per second, a number we can’t really wrap our minds around. The experience was pure blissness, an absolute confirmation of abundance. The waterfalls awaken a tremendous joy in all … many ages, cultures, traditions … Amish women in bonnets smiling & laughing alongside women in burkas and those of us bare headed … one appreciation smiling through each of us & all of us for the magnificent splendor of creation. And whether you look up or down at the flowing intensity, rainbows wrap you up in Love’s glow. On the drenching hurricane deck I was dancing in rainbows along side an Indian family spinning circles. And in the middle of that incredible powerful intensity … wildflowers bloom and bees buzz … doing their own powerful pollination dance … a miniscule act of population amidst the powerful pounding. Every bit of it is our Creator affirming the goodness & greatness of life. As our song We Are Called affirms, “Life itself is calling us from within our hearts … the light that shines in each of us guides us where to start. We are called.”

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to follow the light in alignment with the truth of who we are ~ joy, peace & Love! This following has certainly allowed some happy trails for me! But travelling adventures aside, I am meditating on the message that in the middle of the thundering waterfalls, the bumble bee still buzzes … what ever facet of the rainbow we are called to, that is ours to shine. I am wonderfully, wonderfallingly waking, ever waking to the calling that is mine. This week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation is to listen to the roar & the buzz & the silence of our calling … the blissness within us that is the confirmation of the joy, peace & Love we are created to be & called to express. May we express our yessness with blissness!

Jeremiah filled the hood of his poncho with water from Niagara Falls and we bottled it to take home to our altar as well as to share with others for their sacred experience. But physical momentos aside, I am taking the healing happiness of those ions into every wakeful moment … I am the waterfall flowing Love wherever I go! I am yessing that blessing for sure!

Join us at New Thought Families this week for our daily Play & Pray Calendar as well as our water celebrations in the Conscious Creativity Camp. Waterfall awakenings & blessings to you & yours this mindful moment, this wonderful, waterfall wakening day!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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