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Conscious Callings

Find a place inside where there’s joy, and the joy will burn out the pain. ~ Joseph Campbell

Namaste Mindful Meditators!

No, it’s not Mindful Monday or even Transformational Tuesday but rather a Waking Wonderful Wednesday. The sky here is just dawning … a few bird twitters … a stray car or 2. An hour or so ago, in the darkness of my morning meditation, there were these intense coyote sounds coming from the hills; hideous screeching sounds that I would swear were werewolves if I didn’t know better. Ah, coyote, the trickster, the wise one, yet another conscious calling.From the messiness of my major mid-life re-organization, there have been multiple melt down moments this mindful week+. I have tried following last week’s invitation to take those small steps to see how far I can get and from 1 vantage point, I embrace it as far and from another, it only feels like walking in circles …

Conscious choosing … for the most part, we get to choose our time here. Even and especially, we can take ownership of the crosses we have to bear like the abysmal online traffic school I had to devote a chunk of time to over the weekend. Because I rolled through a stop sign at 3 mpg, I can now tell you that the author of this particular online course likes to ski and their favorite color is blue. Monday, I sat down to do the blog and fell asleep for a much needed 2 hour nap. When I awoke, it was time to ready myself & the house for a Conscious Comedy taping with Rev Karene & Don who were on their way over. I thought about posting a ‘Gone Fishing’ sign here at the blog but chose to show up another moment ~ this moment! In answer to my callings, I have been in service elsewhere … 8 hours of house cleaning & laundry for my father yesterday ~ his 87th birthday ~ Happy Birthday dad and sorry (for both of us!) I haven’t done more to help you in recent months. So many ways to serve in this life and I feel myself pulled in a gazllion directions. The conscious me can see these callings from a higher vantage point and when I let go of judgements, stories & as much baggage as possible, I can indeed lean into that inner joy Campbell speaks of. Using many tools from my spiritual toolbox including the Access Consciousness questions & clearings, I am actively co-creating a new life … weaving, weaving, in faith. An angel on the wall above me has these words from an anonymous author: Weave in Faith & God will find the thread. ~I’m counting on it!As we prepare to leave here for a place still unknown, there continue to be the signs that it is time to go. So I continue to affirm that Jeremiah & I are being called to live & serve as our highest expressions of Love in right place & perfect placement. The local Methodist church where we have attended and served ~ at least part time ~ has their new ministers in place and they are very fundamental Christians. Their reported calling is to grow the church by recruiting families who need to be saved with Christ as their Lord & Savior. This proclamation has many of the elders of the church feeling rattled and even displaced so we are keeping them in prayer as we ourselves open to the new church home we are seeking ~ the one that is seeking us! The new Methodist pastor’s wife was telling me about their son, Jeremiah’s age (7th grade) who she said asks friends upon meeting them, “Do you know Jesus as your Lord & Saviour?” Jeremiah was thinking on this, preparing to meet him and he said, “Maybe I can ask him if he knows about Buddha … you know he and Jesus have pretty much the same story.” Yay for interfaith teachings! As it turned out when they met, they talked about music mostly  and neither of them mentioned Jesus or any other aspect of religion or spirituality ~ except of course, music!

We leave today for a 3 & a half week trip. We start and end in the Sierra Nevada mountains with some weeks East in between. Jeremiah will spend time with his dad & grandparents as we do every summer but this time we will be looking at places to move. Next Mindful Monday, we will be in Niagara Falls again; Jeremiah and I and my friend Rosemarie who was with me when Jeremiah was born. We’ll be in Western NY for a few days, I’m performing 3 library shows, a visit with friend Marian Librarian, a waterfall walk through Watkins Glen gorge … so blessed in Love!Then home to pack and move. I have a few places calling. I just have to keep listening and aligning. A plaque by my bed reads, I will guide you. I will turn darkness into light before you and make the rough places smooth. ~ Isaiah 42:16 ~ I’m counting on that too!

As for New Thought Families, I keep showing up & aligning there, the best I can. We have our daily Play & Pray Calendar and even though I have been getting the pages up each day, twice this week I forgot to link the main calendar~oy vay! This too shall pass ~ I think! Anyway, the New Thought Families vision page has the song, We Are Called. And as the song says, The light that shines in each of us guides us where to start … So for this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, let us follow the light in alignment with the truth of who we are ~ joy, peace & Love! In all things Love. Namaste, Love, namaste.



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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