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Re-Creating Recycles: Co-Creating Cycles

Namaste this Marvelous Mindful Monday!

Here in America we celebrate our nation’s ‘birthday’ this week; 4th of July, symbol of freedom, celebration of independence. Mmmmmmmmm ………. I wonder if sometime soonish, we will gather to celebrate Oneness. There are many people trying; with a myriad of causes and campaigns, even like minded people remain separate & divided. Ah yes, it is the oneness and division that I speak to today. But not in the grand global or political realms, just within my own mind, heart & home. This is all I really know ~ and a lot of that is unknown these days! Hopefully my little ramble on cycling may touch on some of your own truth …

This last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to enJOY the journey of evolution. How did you do? Me? I enJOYed it more than not but breathing into the creative chaos of my Creativity Camps as well as my life journey has me more unsure than ever of just how THE Creator does it! Near as I can figure out though, nature lays out God’s creation template beautifully in the seasons & cycles of birth, death, letting go and sprouting anew. AND perhaps most importantly, it all PLAYs out in divine order and unconditional Love without any judgment of any kind. Simple, hugh?!

So in the wake of my summer of Creativity Camps, I am finding that the visions I am blessed to see are in some sort of altered time state that does not at all correspond to the ‘real’ time of this 3 dimensional path we are on this day. Now maybe I’ll figure this out to some deeper level but for now it remains a wonderful mystery that can truly be enJOYed as long as i don’t judge myself or others as doing it ‘wrong’! The hands on Creativity Camp here in my little town last week left me swirling in more ways than one. With 1 more day offered tomorrow, I am vibrating with the goodness that happened for many and the opportunities it has afforded me to move forward. Hauling carloads of supplies from my garage to the church has me letting go of LOTS of STUFF! I am letting go of boxes of craft materials and a lot of the fun props & tools I used in my preschool ChildSing Song Circles that are no longer funded. It sounds small here in these little letters & words but letting go of 60+ teddy bears is not easy! Yet, it is so necessary! The teddy bears will hopefully go to many happy children … re-used, recycled, re-purposed allowing me the necessary space to re-create my life!

I gave our landlady 2 month notice yesterday. We are moving and I don’t know where! But I do know a bunch of the pieces including that God is on the job as chief re-location manager. We need a (different) school for Jeremiah, more work for me and (I’m praying) good, like-minded church community. In some respects we could stay tight here; there are reasons to do so and there are blessings here as well as any other place. But our 8 years here have left some critical areas of life dry … like my work income. Sooo, knowing that wherever I go, there I am, I am following the call to pack for a destination yet unknown. Jeremiah’s East coast dad is pulling hard in that direction and given the vital child support $ he provides, that may be it. AND I am affirming God as my source of all $, all goodness, all right placement. As much as humanly possible, I am enJOYing this journey ~ even the unknown pieces!

Sew many pieces! Like the stars on our flag, each piece representing a state … a state as location, a state of mind, a state of being. As co-creator, my job is not only to plant, nurture, weed, sow & sew the pieces but to keep Love at the center trusting divine timing. Our Dr. Angi bags are still in process and fell into the areas of camp that were beyond where the campers went for the most part. Our friend Myra turns 101 today ~ happy birthday Myra! ~ And she has requested that we come at a different time to allow for her party & recovery time. Maybe, I’ll be like Myra and thereby have lots of years left to work on these visions …

Meanwhile ….. I have decided that I will do as much or as little as I can each day towards the imperfect perfection of my dreams and visions. SO & SEW the New Thought Families Conscious Creativity Camp is OPEN! With fun invitations to play, pray, imagine, invent & be consciously creative, you can check in on the website or on the new, likeable New Thought Families page on FaceBook! Today in camp we are celebrating flowers ~ wild flowers, garden flowers, flower snacks and crafts ~ come play! We also have pdf videos of Sacred Moments as part of our daily Play & Pray Calendar. As for this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation: let’s see how much ground we can cover with small steps! Thanks so much for walking a mindful moment together on our joy full journey! Namaste.



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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