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Recreation Vacation?

Creating In  Sacred Awareness …HeartsEarth
Your sacred space is where you can find yourself again and again. ~Joseph Campbell 

Namaste from the midst of my madness … from the place of messy middle where the wounded me returns to overwhelm and streeeeeeeeeeeeetchhing myself too thin while the true me holds compassionate, peaceful space whispering of change, ease & grace & a more mellow pace of grace way to be! Returning to center as often as possible, I am tethered in Love.

So this Mindful Monday, the WordPress clock just turned to Transformational Tuesday ~ I hate when that happens! And yet, as with all things, it is perfect. It is the perfect opportunity for me to keep loving me! After all, I am here, mindful, meditative, conscious, committed … and as Joseph Campbell reminds us, it is from here that I find the true me, again & again.

Play Day Creativity Camp started today and it was fun for all ~ including me! And, I do see clearly with this week’s Mindful Meditation how the mastery of my visioning really needs to build in delegation as part of receiving! Setting up & running all the parts of camp was just (too!) exhausting! That said, the moms and grandpas present today did a brilliant job of playing & co-creating with their children. It really was beautiful and I am happy & humbled to be hosting this party. Among other creations, we will be making Kiss Of Bliss blogger Dr. Angi ‘s Gifts Of Love bags; I want to take them with some of our young campers on Friday to the retirement home where our favorite 100 year old friend lives. Yes, we have plenty of projects at camp this week as well as just good, plain FUN time! What I find myself wondering is ………. does God ever or always enJOY a vacation in the middle of constant re-creation? For our Mindful Meditation Invitation this week, let’s see if we can enJOY creating and create in JOY! Besides the Creativity Camps this week, my latest creation is the 5th episode of Conscious Comedy Tell~A~Vision: Family Affairs found on YouTube or also on our New Thought Families site. Thank you to my fun co-creating son, friends & angels for that! And to THE Creator, I ask the following …

Dear Creator,
Did you ever think the Grand Canyon too grand?
When it was forming, did it ever feel out of hand?
Or is that massive message
the same grace to you
as a miniscule grain of sand?
Do you hold them equally holy? I pray to understand.
I pray to know the open flow of co-creating with You;
allowing your essence to pour through everything I do …
in every gesture, thought, look, word …
in each note sung ~ in the whole song heard.
In a concert of songs serenading the planet!
From the miniscule to the mighty,
may I recognize the sacred
and not take it for granted.
~Laurie Story

Here’s another sacred shot from Michel Kotski’s Third Eye Photo Creations:

Grand Canyon

Thank you for being here this Mindful Monday ~ let us continue to enJOY the journey of the evolution! Namaste!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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