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Intuitive Infinity: Chaotic Creativity!

  Happy Mindful Monday!
Thanks so much for being here! Happy Father’s Day! We had a Father’s Day Feast here yesterday for the 2 local grandpas (& grandma!) and we continue to prepare the table for many unfolding aspects of our summer & life … I am in the middle of a messy multitude of chaotic creations this day, this week, this summer, this life! Far as I can see, the messiness really only exists in judgments of should bes … bees … hmmm … just pollinating lots of flower seeds I suppose … Here is one of Michel Kotski’s stellar photos:


See Michel’s amazing work at:

So as mentioned on previous Mondays, this is my summer of Creativity Camps. The cyber one at Laurie’s Stories came more under control this week; a weaving of the creative tapestry moved further from chaos & closer to creation. The same process for New Thought Families is still underway but yet swirling more in the chaos than the completion. Thereby, not even the Facebook page is up yet ~ I am committed however & trusting divine timing as well as my own faith & fortitude to carry on! Our real time camps have had an interesting flow of participants … At our local Methodist church, I am set to host (with Jeremiah) the Play Day Creativity Camp next week and *think* we have some happy playmates coming. I had about given up due to less registration than needed to even pay the insurance but I told God I was willing to do the camp if that insurance $ was covered. An angel from the congregation yesterday handed me a check for the insurance! Whew! And I have to admit, it was HARD not to hand it back to her! So my affirmation and Mindful Meditation Invitation of the week: In the flow of Love, we give AND receive! Breathe it in …

So our New Thought Families Conscious Creativity Camp is open & still opening … our theme this week is Imagination & Intuition; yes, when it comes to co-creation, the Is have it! In keeping with our Mindful Meditation Invitation last week, we continue to trust play to guide our way ~ it can be a challenge ~ like receiving ~ to enJOY transforming but I am giving it my best go & trust you are too! I am also knowing & affirming that creation, including all we co-create does tend to be chaotic & messy at times … but that truth in no way diminishes the perfection of life (us!) expanding, growing, evolving … I return to the center with our Creativity Camp premise: At the heart of evolution is creation ~ and at the heart of creation is play!

I leave you with invitations to play & pray with us at New Thought Families & Laurie’s Stories & wherever you are! Through our laughing joy filled moments, we are intuitively flowing & receiving the infinity of Love. It is all good! it is all God. And YES, God IS good all the time! Woo hoo!

Laurie’s Stories Leaping Literacy’s Camp Creativity!


Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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