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Trusting Play To Transform Our Way

Namaste Beautiful BEings of Love!
Still steeped in sacred awareness, I am taking my naked bareness to the beach this blessed Mindful Monday. We have been in San Francisco all weekend for the Free Folk Festival. Even though I/we didn’t plan & implement the Family Program this year, I still managed to sign up to do 6 workshops & family concerts ~ whew! One of the highlights was being part of a Sacred Drumming & Dance workshop. I do love the drum and I led a few of our sacred drum songs which was heartbeat harmonious! Jeremiah & I also provided music & singing for the 2 dances led by our partner. Here is the chant lyrics of 1 that keep singing in me: “The seed of God grows into God. Let yourself go. Let God be God in you.” YES! And of course, me being the lyrist I am, I keep thinking/singing, “Let yourself grow, let God be God in you.” And “Let yourself glow …” The beauty of sacred awareness is that it absolutely does let God grow bigger within us as long as we GO into it! And when we are experiencing life from this place of Love, we can’t help but glow!

My 12 year old Jeremiah has grown up in the folk club and is quite at home around the festival, helping out, making music and making plenty of trips into the Hospitality Room for snacks & folkie fellowship. He/we have turned a corner in our music so that he is able to play most if not all my simple (mostly 3 chord progression) songs. And while the Family Stage venue was small, we had a blast at our concert. I have turned a corner in being able to truly be in my joy and enJOY the journey … in this case meaning if we only have a few audience members, I can be in my flow without thought of what’s “wrong” or how it should be.

This is the next level of application from the sacred awareness of divine perfection in all; it is trust & transformation at work & play. At the least, it is a peaceful feeling I am applying to the other “wrongs” in my life. So many of my projects are undone at the moment but I am choosing to look at them as unfolding at the pace of grace. The long birth process I spoke of last week can be honored & celebrated as much as anything else if I don’t let judgmental criticism make it ‘wrong’. I have been feeling pulled in too many directions this last week ~ of course by my own (un)doing and I was declaring myself a Jack/Jill of so many trades and master at none. Truth is, I am a master at the perfect imperfection of my God seed growing, going & glowing in the world! And I get to choose how much joy that brings to myself & others.

I also did a creativity based songwriting workshop this weekend where my basic tips were to not be afraid to play (including making “mistakes”) and to be in service to the song. This advice goes for the creation of all things, including and perhaps especially, the song of our lives. Play, laughter, joy … we are born knowing how to be in that space. Let us put our sacred awareness into our hearts and let ourselves flow from that space in every moment we can! Being in service to the song of our lives means more of that mindfulness … the sacred awareness to keep showing up prayerfully and playfully to attend to the creative life force ever calling us to evolve. And so it is!

Today, we are headed to the beach for a play day while the undones and work list await. We’ll get home late tonight. If I can find wi-fi along the road, this will post Mindful Monday. If not, it will be Transformational Tuesday which I trust is perfectly imperfect enough! This week, the Conscious Creativity Camp at New Thought Families will keep evolving including the birth of the Facebook page. Our theme for week 2 is Trust & Transformation as we carry forward our Sacred Awareness from week 1. Play & pray with us every day! Our Mindful Meditation Invitation this week is to trust play to guide our way ~ yes, follow our bliss & trust our hearts ~ and see what we can enJOY transforming! I leave you now with a heaping heart of gratitude & joy & this God glow picture we took last time at the beach we are headed to this morning: Yay! Hooray! Let’s Play! Namaste!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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