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Reverent Remembrances

Namaste this Mindful Memorial Monday!

 Here in America, this day is set aside for remembrances of loved ones lost … in the military & of family members & ancestors who have gone on. The elders in my family always take flowers to the graveyards for Memorial Day. My mindful meditation on flowers continues this week for the celebration of life they offer ~ for any reason! For this day of remembrance, flowers offer the reverent reminders of the fragility & beauty of life as well as the goodness that comes from honoring others who have gone before us with all the sacrifices & celebrations each of those lives represent.

We had  two other ancestral honorings this weekend. On Friday, our family tree was represented in the local newspaper with Jeremiah & his cousins mentioned as the 6th generation here. My 86 year old father was a little bent that some of the details of the branches were twisted but I reminded him that the ancestors are happy to be honored even if every leaf isn’t in it’s perfect place. Also, we sang our song to the Methodist church’s 150th anniversary celebration for the Pentecost Sunday. I posted the lyrics here April 30th after the debut performance. Upon request I added a verse that spoke to the future with Jeremiah singing the line, “The children of our children will keep this church strong”, then together we sang, “For the Christ Love that built us lives on and on.” It is that holy Spirit Love that keeps me celebrating in various ways & faith traditions. Yesterday, I learned or perhaps was reminded that traditional Christianity celebrates Pentecost as the beginning of the church dating back to a time when the holy Spirit spoke in tongues through the disciples as described in the bible in Acts. As they spoke in their native languages, people heard the words in the languages they understood. Flowers are like that. They speak to everyone. The holy Spirit too is a language of the heart that transcends any & all languages, cultures, religions …

The most reverent remembrance I know of is one we try to do at the start of each day in our prayer chair. It is to simply remember who we are and why we are here. We have many ~ New Thought Families ~ ways to express this; here it is in a song (chorus):

I Remember C 2009 Laurie Story Vela

I remember, I remember, I remember who I am …
I’m a child of God born to love and serve in all the best ways I can!
When I look down deep inside of me, then I truly understand;
I’m a child of God born to love and serve,  I remember who I am!

In the busy-ness of life, there are many details that can slip our minds much less mindfulness. The “I Remember” song playfully addresses a few of these real world details from the Laurie “adult” stance and the kid Jeremiah perspective. These days, or at least this Memorial Monday, my short answers to reverent remembrance go like this:
Who am I? Love
Where am I? The beautiful planet home called Earth
Why am I here? To shine forth my face of the divine; to express Love in the ways that are uniquely mine while connected to all of Love, all of life ~ One with all that is.
OK, that last answer is not so short but considering the size of the question … ~!

The Mindful Meditation Invitation this week was to embrace the process of Miracle Manifestation Mindfulness. I was reminded (reverently!) that this often simply means, surrender to the flow, aka, “Let go, let God”. Some of the messiness in this requires letting go of perfectionism and fear of the unknown. Almost always, we only get to see as much of the road ahead as our little lights can illumine, it is trust and faith that take us for the long haul and the rearview mirror confirms that indeed, we have been on the right path all along! So with ALL of that in mind as well as all the whisperings and doubtings I have expressed here in previous weeks ~ here’s my mindful miracle manifestation this Memorial Monday … in service to celebration & expression of the LOVE we are …  drum roll please …

Conscious Creativity Camp!
Explore * Connect * Create  * Dream * Sing* Meditate * Family Spirituality: Intergenerational, Interfaith Activities!
* Exercise your imagination in loving, laughing celebrations!
* Connect! Share your creations with others’ like-minded imaginations!
* Make time, take time for heart to heart conscious connections ~ be sacred & silly!
* Open your heart to PLAY ~ join our Creativity Campfires with silly sages like YOU!This is where you can always belong! Come to our cyber camp on your own schedule all summer long
to keep your heart & the heart of your family & community connected & strong!Stories * eBooks * Games * Nature * Crafts * SnacksWeekly Themes & Daily Activities  invite play time, heart time, silly and sacred time!
Commit to playtime this summer! Grow your imagination in reverent celebration!
Camp opens June 1st! Sign up at New Thought Families!

Ok, it’s out! And it looks much nicer on the website. And it will be an amazing offering that will keep evolving especially if & WHEN conscious creatives ~ like you ?! ~ bring their hearts to the fire! Thanks so much for being here! The Mindful Meditation Invitation for this next week is to calendarize time to remember; make time, take time to listen, to flow, to love, to glow, to laugh, to express, to know how deeply you are blessed and are a blessing to the world! Yes, honor those who have gone before by remembering the truth of who you are and expressing that YES to bless us all! Namaste Love!

For any who are contemplating being with us in real time in the sacred Sierras for the Feathers Of Faith FUN Family Camp Ag 3-5th, please register this week. Go to our camp page on the website: Feathers! Thank you, thank you!



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