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Flower Farewells: Embracing the Process

Namaste this Mindful Monday … Farewell DogWood Blooms!
Ode to the bloom; the once powerfully pink, now paled & browned petals.
Fleeting moment passed for smiling pink mid-air … now petals scattered
falling … falling … fading … fading … fading  away … until next spring!

Admittedly, transition & transformation are oftentimes challenging to embrace. The dogwood blooms outside my window have had their time this season with a few wilted, faded petals still clinging to the green and the rest scattered down below. The hills across the way were slow to green this dry spring season and are now, all too quickly fading back to their golden brown. Celebrating the green & pink comes easily, effortlessly, like breathing. I don’t celebrate the brown, I accept it and with the tools of gratitude, understanding & unconditional Love, I embrace the brown. Truly, I love the hills & petals, and brown is part of who they are.

Our school year is coming to a close. My last music classes are tomorrow. I’m going to the zoo with Jeremiah’s class on Wednesday; the last field trip before Jr. High. The free-form craft days last week had inspirational, imagination filled moments. I am fulfilled in mothering that process as I am in THE mothering process. Truthfully, Jr. High feels like brown hills but I embrace my man-cub for the awesome one he is & is growing into being. On our walk to school this morning, we discussed past lives, soul development, cellular memories in both body & soul as well as mind-heart-soul connections. Is it any wonder that my 12 year old son so often feels like my best friend?! One of his wise comments this morning was, “I’ve often thought of the mind as the treasure chest and the heart as the key.” Indeed!

As I bid farewell to the blooms that so beautifully buoyed me for weeks, I find myself yet again embracing the dark process within me of aligning with my calling & wondering what shifts are required to align with others similarly called. At New Thought Families, we believe that spending heart time with our children, ourselves, our families & communities with Source at the center,  is the sustenance that grows us & allows for beautiful blooms. Heart time is found in Love, laughter, play ~ fun & frolic ~ as well as sacred reverence. Our Feathers Of Faith Camp in the high Sierras offers an amazing setting for heart time. At the moment, we have a ways to go to have enough sign ups to make it happen. I am keeping the faith … and gluing feathers on the flyer invitations. I am inviting & doing my best to affirm miracle manifestation mindfulness. I am also applying this to the Summer Cyber Camp which at the moment, I have to admit has me somewhat frozen. Fear? Doubt? Probably. I am doing my best to embrace the brown hills process in me with a beckoning to the pink bloom dreamer within to reach for the light.

So for this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, who is up for embracing the process of Miracle Manifestation Mindfulness? I am! I am! That’s right! I AM! And with God all thing are possible. With Love, all of life is a circle, every farewell, a hello. I will leave you now with much gratitude for you being here and for us all planting seeds of possibility. Our daily Play & Pray Calendar is here! Our music video, Plant Our Planet is here!
 Plant Seeds Everyday in a Playful Way!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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