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Meditative Mother = Mindful Mmmmm OM

Namaste this Mindful Monday!
This day finds me dashing about setting up craft materials for the free form arts-n-crafts days at the schools this week. For the 3rd & final time this year, I will serve at the 2 local campus’ with about 200 kids at each; every class comes in and creates for a class period. The kids are so happy for this creative space & time where they are allowed to flow & glow. For my part, it’s a whole lota materials preped, schleped, laid out, & cleaned up. However, I have an awesome helper, Fabulous Faye and the priceless service of holding this creative space for the seeds of inspiration to sprout. It’s what mother’s do!

Still I have to really stay mindful of breathing as I feel the pull of all else that calls this day, this week. This is what I have chosen. This is what I am showing up for ~ and JOYfully at that! Because it is my choice. So I am remembering to be an OM in motion. I am being mindful of putting the OM in MmmmmmmmmmmOM!


Yesterday’s ‘Mother’ celebration was joyous with some family time and some time with our friends at the Methodist church. I helped lead the music which I loved and the kids were asked to write & share a celebration/honoring of mom. My amazing Jeremiah was inspirational in his writing & delivery of “Honoring All Moms.” Here it is in an unedited by mom format. I will post a recording of him ~ he is quite the presenter ~ onsite on our New Songs page as soon as we can ~ I may even post another mindful moment this week~! The poor child has just helped me set up the crafts for tomorrow with Fabulous Faye and he’s off to baseball practice. He is an awesome reminder of what spiritual parenting & mindful living can mirror back to you. That … and I am extra blessed by his generous soul ~ so happy he picked me for a mother!

Moms are quite amazing. I’m not even talking about our own moms. Have you ever wondered how a lion’s big, sharp, teeth, never cut their cubs when they carry them in their mouths filled with big, sharp, teeth. And how everybody fears the big “man eating” momma bear and when nobody is around, they are loving and caring. It always amazed me how a bear calm, loving and caring to raaah (and it always shocked me how mom could do it to).Just kidding of course. And birds, and how they feed their chicks, well I won’t go into great detail because it is really gross, but if you don’t think about it too hard, (good luck) it’s kinda sweet. But then they just push them out of the nest, but then again that too is for their own good. And penguins, their moms will go for many miles, hundreds even, eat fish, and come back hundreds of miles and were back to the bird feeding thing. Personally I think the dads are more amazing there but father’s day is in a month or two so I’ll wait on that one. But anyway moms of our own kind are just as amazing. They put up things like their kids, their kids friends, their kids messes, cooking for their kids, cleaning for their kids, their kids laundry and that can sometimes be a pain, shopping for their kids, their kids sports, their kids music, drive me here, drive me there, among a few things. And somewhere along the line I think we got it switched around that women a.k.a. moms were the weak type. I think it is the exact opposite. Moms are tough, they raise your kids, protect them, and keep a clean “nest” for them which can be the hardest of all. And I don’t know about you but, you the thing called “child birth” doesn’t sound fun and definitely not a job for the “weaker sex”. A year or two ago my mother’s day gift said “my mom is a gift”. Now don’t get me wrong she is an awesome mom. Now stay with me, as us youngsters say, she is ninja. God sure helped me pick a good one. But now I say “all moms are a gift”.           

So your Mindful Meditation Invitation this week is to mother yourself & others with the peaceful OM. Remember, we create it all and we can choose to create with the OM! Yippee! Join us online for our daily Play & Pray Calendar of planting seeds I am so grateful for you, your mindful moment here, and the OM seeds you will plant this week! Thank you, thank you!



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