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In Service To Celebrations

Namaste Mindful Ones this last Monday, last day of April!
May Day! May Day! Yes, the month is nearly upon us and I have much on the list to be in service to ~ including being here ~ here & now with you!

First of all, a promise is a promise. Last week, I promised to voice a few sprouts out of the darkness. I can’t say a whole lot yet but I will say a little. First of all, I have learned anew that when great inspirations come in that sweet flood of Spirit, the nay sayers within can come up rumbling & grumbling. This meant a whole new round of spring cleaning around here! Literally, a big pile of give aways are nestled in 1 corner of a much cleaner garage and I am left again choosing faith over failure. I will also say that the fun celebrations are still smiling of their infinite possibilities and I will be speaking of them here in the coming weeks. And from the depths of mystery … I will say, still somewhat secretly, think Summer CampSacred Summer Consciousness Camp … ~!

Service itself is a celebration! Kiss Of Bliss blogger Dr. Angi has an amazing project underway giving out Gifts Of Love. Her hand painted masterpieces on paper bags have gifts going out in a pay it forward Kindness campaign. She’s giving out some through her blog ~ and I won one! Yippie! You can too! Go to Kiss Of Bliss! I will most likely frame my bag and make 1 or 2 (or 3?!) more to pay forward. I’ll let you know!

Jeremiah and I were also in service this last week to our local Methodist church. We haven’t been in attendance this year … only twice since we were in the Christmas eve play. The reasons that go with that are multi-layered and may show up another blog day. But the community of fine folks there are celebrating the 150th anniversary of the beautiful church and had a great dinner. I was asked to write a song which Jeremiah  & I performed as part of the festivities. I may get a rough recording of it onto the new songs page but here are the lyrics:

Built On Love 2012 Laurie Story Vela
~ A Tribute to the United Methodist Church, Sutter Creek, CA

Friendship & Fellowship, we gather in Faith
In these hallowed halls filled with God’s grace
Love builds this sanctuary sacred every day
Holy harbor, a refuge, where folks find their way

Voices of the Pastors echoed here with gold mines
In bar rooms & school rooms, gathered where they could find.
Then in 1859, Abram took faith door to door
saying let’s build a church where we worship our Lord.

Yes, we tribute those united who came before;
those who first built these walls & opened these doors.
Thank you Reverend Fish, we honor you …
And we’re grateful Rev. Walker for you built the pews!

Your hearts & hammers precious ancestors ring on loud & clear
Your Love built this sanctuary that we hold so dear
United we still gather as you did in yesteryear
We welcome & we worship; Christ community continues here.

Hearts & hands still united & gathered to serve
from conversations to quilts, fine meals with hors-d-oeuvres!
Decades of dedication, choirs of voices raised high
and the steeple … like your people … reaching for the sky!
Holy harbor, a refuge, where Christ leads the way …

Jeremiah in our last Conscious Comedy, "Ego Busters"!

And now, Jeremiah is on his way home as Rev. Karene Piccolo is on her way here and we will be taping our 4th Conscious Comedy Tell ~A~Vision episode. This act of service leaves us doubled up in laughter every time! In service to laughter, to joy, to evolution through creativity. Visit our Videos page for links to all of our comedy shows; we really hope you laugh too ~ at our sheer ridiculousness ~ or at least smile with amusement. Our daily Play & Pray Calendar will be updating for May … the Love goes on ~ and on & on! In service. In celebration! 

 I must repeat last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation to put hands & feet to the shining inspirations sprouting in you ~ in service to celebration & celebration of service!  Here’s hoping your celebrations are sacred, silly & service centered ~ in conscious expression of mindful, meditative, miraculous YOU!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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