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The Grace Of Gethsemane

Greetings this Mindful Monday … this sacred day … Holy Week. An incredible week of celebration, tribulation and resurrection. This, of course, being the week that Jesus went from the waving palm fronds of celebration & accolades to the incredible suffering of the cross to the ultimate Spirit Rising, life eternal of Easter. It is an invitation to all of us to visit our own Gethsemane for relection (re)dedication,  renewed inspiration. Gethsemane is symbolic of the struggle that takes place within the consciousness when truth is realized as the one reality. ~Charles Fillmore I bid us all great blessings in our own gardens this Holy Week of renewal. Remember that all seeds need some darkness to sprout. And that painful fertilizer always somehow make us wiser. Wherever you are in your garden, germinating, sprouting or already enjoying full bloom, I celebrate you and this gift of life. I celebrate the death and birth in the cycle of life so apparent in spring and Easter, and in all that is holy. It is all Holy Spirit in action. Holidays are holy days of remembrance and celebration and they are also known as a time of rest, vacation, or leave of absence. This Holy Week finds Jeremiah & I vacationing with my sister & niece in San Diego, about 9 hours from home. My niece is on a pro youth soccer team and they have had a tournament here this weekend. Given my relationship with sports, it has been an interesting time …~! I celebrate my niece who is a great athlete; a fast forward, scoring 50% of the goals for her team this weekend. In the wake of our busyness last week with the Peace Cabaret and so many other things, just getting here was a win for me! And as our Mindful Meditation Invitation of the week reminded me, life is truly a gift … in all of the triumphs & challenges! I have my ongoing juggling act of all the facets of my life I feel called to … like New Thought Families. From the road, and God’s good graces, our April Play & Pray Calendar is up and running and we offer you a cyber Easter Blessing “Hunt” to add to your Easter reflections and connections … Easter Blessing Surprises are here! The story of Easter is the story of God’s wonderful window of divine surprise.   ~Carl Knudsen Spirit Rising And so we flow this Holy Week and time of holiday happenings. Here’s the prayerful intention that we can all flow this Holy Week ~ full of deep dive ease & grace. A holiday is a holy day, and holiness doesn’t happen to us. Holiness is a choice we make, and holidays are portals of energy through which the experience of things that matter most is increased within us and in the world in which we live.  ~Marianne Williamson April brings us Earth Day, Arbor Day and a new Season from the Association Of Global New Thought. With the close of the Season of Peace (April 4th) comes the Association’s Season of the Earth running April-June. The inherent beauty, renewal, and reawakening of spring is ever calling our attention to our beautiful planet ~  to the ever increasing Green Scene awareness. We continue ours on site, and at home. So until Easter Monday … let us make our Holy Week Mindful Meditation one of living in gratitude aware of the flow of grace. In our homes, our travels, our world, may we see & celebrate the flow of God’s grace. And may we truly embody it in a renewed Spirit Rising within us. Namaste, Love. Balancing Act!  Blooming Beauty



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