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Compassionate Commitment Co-Creates!

Namaste this Mindful Monday!
I come to you with feelings of compassionate commitment & thoughts of crabs, cows & creative chaos. I just packed out my little car full of craft materials for the school kids to create with the next two days. Drawing from stores of craft materials in my garage, we will set the stage this afternoon for happy hands & hearts tomorrow. Along with a wonderful volunteer, we will host 2 days of free-form craft creations for about 400 kids. As I had reported here, we did this last December and it was delicious! I contracted to do this three times this school year so we will be at it again in May. This is, among other things, my imagination celebration with these local schools as I speak up for giving our kids some free-form creation time.

In my home business, I’ve been doing plenty of creative chaos as I work & play at re-shaping the gifts I offer the world ~ and actually it is not the gifts that are being re-shaped as much as the gift wrap. For in our mile a minute culture, we often need to put our offerings into sound bytes so that those that could be served by what we offer can grasp what it is we are offering. Flowing Love has been my focus on all facets of life so just trying to flow all the Love I can into my clarifying my offerings, aka marketing. A guiding word I made up in conjunction with a class I am taking is Clearation ~ creating with clarity!

In the middle of this process, come the cows and crabs. The sweeping hill we face is slowly greening as we get a bit more rain. And the cows that graze on this hill are in the swing of spring. Calves are being born. As with most birthing processes, the mama cow feels some pain and she sounds it out. Growing up with cows, I knew this to be called, “bawling”.  Some of these birthing pains get so loud and mournful, I actually feel a stab of physical pain! I allow this to remind me of 3 things; 1. Life is a birthing process & sometimes it is painful especially when we are clearing out OLD habits & patterns. 2.  No matter how big or small I am, I am connected to the Source of all that is and thereby connected with all beings ~ including their triumphs & challenges. 3. Through compassion for myself & others, I am better able to stay committed to whatever Love is seeking to be born through me. YES! Love expressed!

But then come the crabs … I was reminded of something this week … when crabs are thrown in a pot to be cooked (yes alive and yes, YUCK!), they will try to climb out. But if one gets to the top of the pot, another crab will pull them back down.  I like to think the crab doing the pulling means well, after all it’s scary out there, there’s a big hand that threw them into the pot to begin with! But no matter the intentions or level of (un)consciousness that goes into the pulling, the fact is that as we rise up to better ourselves in any aspect of our lives, there is a force within us and in those around us that will resist; that will pull back towards the status quo. So as committed co-creators, we must remain conscious of these forces and meet them full on with compassion.

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to keep allowing the flow of yes to reveal more of our true selves. When I saw the crab in me and in those around me, I chose to say yes to compassion and yes to perseverance & passion. I will not give up no matter how many times I am pulled back down into the pot by myself or others!

Crabs & cows are amazing creatures and I thank them this week for being my teachers! For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, I invite us all to keep allowing the flow of yes expressed, the flow of Love that comes from our soul through our heart & hands into all kinds of co-creations! Allow this flow of Love & also allow the resistance to surface; notice it, see it as a crab and let yourself do a crab walk, a crab pinch ~ take it into play and be the crab! Then embrace that crab with compassion and allow it  to flow with your all things possible Love.

Thank you, thank you for your commitment to spiritually growing yourself and your family ~ and for co-creating with compassion! Remember our New Thought Families Play & Pray Calendar offers conscious connection multi-media everyday! And as you celebrate the green this week, here’s some green river flow with our music video, Open Flow. EnJOY!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

2 thoughts on “Compassionate Commitment Co-Creates!

  1. Thank you, Laurie and NewThoughtFamilies, for this very meaty ( crab meaty ), deep, Mindful Monday meditation. I’m going to go back and read again what crabs and cows are teaching us today. Thank you, again, as always, for making deep thoughts fun and fun thoughts deep !!!

    1. Namaste Keith!
      Just found your comment from last week in the Blog Spam folder … must have been too meaty … or something! Thank you for you continuing to show up to play & pray with us!

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