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Yes Expressed!

Namaste this Mindful Monday!
Here we are with another brand new month, week, day, moment, thought, word, breath …. aah! We are so blessed to be us! In this amazing time of life on earth whereby words can fly across the planet with a tap of keys … hearts & souls can unite with single-minded intentions of harmony, peace, Love & evolution. At New Thought Families we continue our focus on the flow of Love this month of March. For Love is the Source of all that is. God is Love. We are Love. And so the circle goes. Truly, life goes on! Jeremiah is immersed into a new baseball season and his basketball challenge seemingly forgotten. He remarked, “I feel so much more at home on the baseball field than on the basketball court!” For my part, I am continuing to produce the work I love irrespective of money or audience or any other of the ‘real life’ details! And, I am paying attention to money & how to build in a support structure to sustain these expressions of yes. We are both flowing in Love! We have New Thought Families offerings on site and in live events this month in correspondence with the Season Of Peace ~ the international 64 day observance honoring the visions of Gandhi & Dr. King Jr. for an empowered, non-violent world. There are as many ways to express peace as there are anything else but as the good Dr. points out, Love is at the core of peace, necessarily so! Love has roots in peace but it is Love that births peace.

My continuous prayer is to stay open to my all things possible God flowing through me is also allowing peace to flow in the midst of my bulging, blossoming “To Do’s” and the seeming need to say “Ta Da”! (See the brilliant blog, “A Kiss Of Bliss“!) There is a luminous line from a weekly Master Mind script I do with a friend. Written by Napoleon Hill, the words are living in me these days, “It is not I but the Spirit within me that doeth the work.” YES! It is my all things possible Love/God at work! I can relax and move forward in joy! One of our live events this month is a Peace Cabaret with Jeremiah’s 6th grade class. This has provided wonderful opportunities for me to keep returning to Love and thereby peace & JOY! There is a wonderful idea that caught my mind & heart recently and I believe the speaker attributed it to Michael Beckwith. The concept is, with you as a vessel of expression for God, are you showing God a good time? In this time of Lent, the traditional Christian observance is one of abstinence, giving up meat or chocolate or coffee or some such sacrifice. Can this Love expressed really be Love repressed? Different for each being I am sure but a question worth exploring in this 40 Day spiritual practice. For my Lenten practice,  I have vowed to give up giving up! I am aligning & re-aligning with the YESsings of my blessings! I am flowing Love! Sure, that can mean discipline and perhaps taking certain foods, thoughts, actions off the menu but in the name of conscious awareness for the (re) alignment with that flow of all things possible Love! It is my responsibility to care for this body temple and to keep it an open vessel to Love. Lately, the outpicturing of my yeses have been to keep showing up to meet my faith filled visions and take my perfectly imperfect action steps towards their manifestation. Yes, I continue my spiritual practice and healing work, but I choose to focus the majority of my energies on what’s right with me rather than what’s “wrong” or still in need of healing. In this way, I am better able to REVEAL the expression of yes, the expression of Love that truly is ME! Wheeee! YES expressed! Deep breath …. mmmm, life is good! So full of blessings! YES!

Last week, our Mindful Meditation Invitation was to notice when we were saying yes to Love expressed & yes to Love repressed and how each of those yeses feel. I was more deeply reminded of how good it is to express the yes, to say yes to revealing more of the true me. So let us continue to deepen our Mindful Meditation by allowing the flow of yes to reveal more of who we are & all the ways we are blessed!

We also invite you to play & pray with us every day at New Thought Families. Our Open Heart: Love Expressed March Calendar offers a multi-media, intergenerational, interfaith moment to connect with your own heart & those of your loved ones. Play & pray with us! We will be releasing our 3rd Conscious Comedy Tell-A-Vision offering later this month as well as a special new music video with a Season Of Peace version of Trust What You Hear. And here’s this year’s 2nd Sunday Celebration ~ Hugs of Love! It comes to you as a bit of an imperfect “mess” with a faith filled focus on the YES EXPRESSED! Thanks so much for sharing with us! Namaste!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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