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Love Expressed or Repressed?!

Namaste ~ Mindful Monday Greetings!

We continue to embrace Love and all of its teachings! As Ernest Holmes has said and we sing in our Always Love song & music video, “Everything is either an act of Love or a cry for Love.” Another way to view this is that we are always either expressing Love or repressing Love. Young children easily & constantly express Love and if they feel hurt, they will withhold or repress their Love but usually for a very short time. Within minutes, the anger or pain is forgotten; they have let it go & they move on. As we grow older, these moments of repression can get longer & more pronounced; teenagers can sulk or withdraw into their rooms or their ipods, and as adults, we can establish all sorts of withdrawal behaviours, aka addictions. Being fully present to Love, even in dark, uncertain times takes the awareness & willingness to keep showing up & centering in our hearts ~ even, and especially when are hearts are wounded.

I have been reaching for new levels of Love expressed, especially with my work and what I’ve found is that doubt & fear seem to inevitably service in the vice grip of repression. For Jeremiah, he recently finished a season of basketball whereby the coach had most of the boys sit out the majority of the games; maybe going in for 30-40 seconds at the end of a quarter. Most of the boys, Jeremiah included, drew the conclusion that they were no good at basketball and probably wouldn’t play next year. Hence, his zeal has been repressed for the love of the game expressed. This dance, and sometimes outright tug-of-war between expression & repression comes up in countless ways every day! Your Monday Mindful Meditation Invitation for this week is to be more fully aware of the times that you say yes to Love expressed and when you say yes to Love repressed. Also notice how each yes makes you feel! With some awareness, you might find more expression or more repression than you think! For my part, I plan to keep allowing my higher expressions to override my lower repressions! In this Lenten Season, I have chosen to give up more & more of my repressions & give out more & more love expressions!

For my time with Jeremiah, I will keep championing him & encouraging him to champion himself in following the callings of his heart. And with my inner child ~ or yours! ~ here’s a few ideas in letting Love be expressed ~ saying YES! Giving my yessing to all my blessings ~ compliments, offers of help, sunsets, spring flowers, warm blankies on cold nights … Putting my hands or toes in the sand. Speaking my choices with strong, loving voices. Singing softly or loudly the songs of my Spirit. Playing with toys, with friends, with God! Snuggling & feeling loved by (my) favorite stuffed animal: So many ways to express Love ~ to ourselves or others! Smiles, eye contact & active listening, kind words, hugs ~ let your Love out & about! We have daily multi-media reminders of Love on our Play & Pray Calendar ~ play & pray with us! And here’s some child voices narrated by Jeremiah … If I Were Love



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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