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Born To Love

Mindful Monday Greetings in the name of birthday & anniversary celebrations! Hats off to parties for they remind us of our abundance & blessings. Parties! Fun times that beckon us to relish & celebrate ALL THAT IS!  And ode to our children who remind us to play … just play & have fun! Jeremiah was 12 yesterday and we filled our small home with boys for the evening and overnight party ~ whew! Last Sunday we had the family party here and today I am enJOYing juxtaposing them in my mind. Let’s face it, adults “party” in a very different way! So, for my part, the parties were set up very differently. We had a lovely dinner with the family with a lot of talking. In thinking of the elders and their stories of times played, it occurs to me, that perhaps I need to plan a party game for them next time. I traditionally host the elders for an Easter brunch so maybe we’ll have a memory hunt or something. For Jeremiah’s part, his birthday wish annually is to just have family & friends come over & celebrate. I have always tried to be innovative in providing a little activity for the fun & frolic in addition to the cake. And I have always focused on inclusivity. Ah, I remember his 3rd birthday fondly ~ I gave each little friend (and their mother) a cupcake with a candle on it so each one of them had something with a candle on it to blow out! This year’s invention for the 12th birthday … I had him clean out his closet on Saturday which yielded a  heaping treasure trove of toys … so this years Scavenger Hunt of rhyming clues led them to not only candy to fill their goody bag with but big, glorious games & toys they all delighted in!

I believe with all my heart we are born to Love. Born out of the Source of Love, we are created as Love to Love. No matter what roles or titles we hold in this life, our job is to express Love. When we feel joyful, compassionate, loving, we are yessing our blessings and expressing Love. When we feel overwhelmed, angry, depressed, we are missing our blessings and longing for Love. There are a myriad of ways to align & re-align with our core self of Love. For this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, I offer a two-fold pray & play opportunity. First, simply call into your awareness how you were born to Love. Watch for the threads that you have been weaving your whole life. Look to the threads of your children and see the Love born in them. Second, have fun in passing on an old, love filled part of your life for someone else to enJOY;  clothing or anything else from your closets, maybe a slip from a plant you’ve had for some time, or some wisdom you have gleaned. You may want to consider taking this on as a Lenten practice (Lent: Wednesday, February 22, 2012 – Saturday, April 07, 2012). And if you want to really experience some fun and games, kid style, plan a swap with friends … these work great with ladies & clothes but they can be done with anything and anyone. Gather together some give-aways and get together with friends who have done the same. You will be practicing cleansing as well as connecting in a fun filled celebration sure to leave you feeling freer!

Life is a celebration! We have that invitation every day that we rejoice and are glad in the gift of life! So YES, we celebrate Jeremiah’s 12th birthday & New Thought Families online presence 5th anniversary, live 2-07-2007, and the birth of this blog on 2-07-2011. That first blog was entitled “Always Love”. And so it is. This is the 52nd weekly blog today so I guess that’s another celebration ~ the blog’s 1 year anniversary. But as we celebrate all of these things, it is the very Love we were born with that births all other expressions of Love and that is what we are truly celebrating ~ any way we choose!

For New Thought Families, I have also been going through the virtual closets & file drawers with extra give-aways as I inch towards more clarity and clear expression. As you may remember, I’m still trying to voice the Epiphany of 2011 regarding our offerings and purpose. Meanwhile, a big piece has been birthed in all of its perfect imperfection. Our Conscious Comedy Tell~A~Vision was born in January with Are We There Yet? February has yielded, Looking For Love. Both episodes feature some of the same shows but we have some great ideas for changing the channels in March. I’m also holding the vision for programming that speaks to the younger audience who laugh at different levels. The hope is that these works will be funny to others while simultaneously helping to raise consciousness. At New Thought Families, we remain committed to providing multi-media intergenerational, interfaith inspirations for our evolving hearts & minds. We are passionate about providing expressions of Love especially for families, children, and the inner child in all of us. Our Play & Pray Calendar is available every day! Thanks so much for being here! Here’s our latest multi-media offering ~ Conscious Comedy Tell~A~Vision ~ for your aMUSEment! (If you missed our 1st episode, it’s in the 1/24 post, “Creative Chaos”) Namaste!

Conscious Connection Tell~A~Vision: Looking For Love



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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