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In Love

Happy Hearts Mindful Ones!
Valentine Greetings this Mindful Monday as we name & claim the state of being in Love with life! Can we truly be in Love without the romantic notions of that kind of Love? YES, in love with ourselves, each other, our joys & celebrations, and yes, even our challenges. Now isn’t that challenging? I’m off to the airport to take Jeremiah’s dad to meet his plane home across the country. I am thankful for all of it; the coming, the going, and all the challenges in between. My ex has always been my greatest teacher for his knack at pushing my buttons as no one else can ~! He stays with us in our small space with all the in-my-face reminders of why we were so incompatible as housemates. But this time, in the middle of all the messes, I see much more deeply & clearly how I am my greatest teacher when I pay close enough attention. And then, I get to choose pain or Love. I get to choose being in Love with me & all my imperfectly perfect imperfections. And that is our Mindful Meditation Invitation for this week; be In Love with you & all the rest of your life as much as possible!

And so it goes, that I re-commit my Love to not only myself and my family but this whole vision and outpouring of Love that is New Thought Families. We are celebrating 5 years online, and I/we renew our vow to co-create mindful multi-media expressions for intergenerational, interfaith inspirations. We are celebrating our anniversary for 10 days, 2-12-12 ~ 2-21-12 with gifts each day. So come on over to the site ~ play & pray! Today’s gift is 3 free mp3s ~ Love songs to sing to YOU from YOU! Go ahead, sing it & be in love with YOU!
And here’s our kick-off gift: Sunday Celebration: Made Of Love. The video is below from YouTube and can also be found on our new Sunday Celebrations page on site:
Let us know what you think of our cyber celebration! Thanks so much for being here in Love this day! Bright blessings of heart filled Love to you!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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