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Made Of Love

Namaste Mindful Meditators!
Here we are again, co-creating another mindful moment! In carrying over from our January Journey, I remain in high creation & production mode … creating with  abandon ~ and peace?! I don’t know about you , but I used to think of peace as this quiet state of “om” ranging from restful to blissful. But since I am a being who is actively doing, I’ve come to see & be peace in a more well-rounded way. Yes, peace at restful bliss is a wonderful state to aspire to & experience but peace in the middle of life’s challenges is the stuff Love is made of! Centered in the knowing that we are made of Love, all peace is possible. The knowing is consciousness. The consciousness is the evolutionary buzz of 2012. As we awake more & more to the truth of who we are, there is Love, front & center or should I say core & center?!

At New Thought Families, Jeremiah & I are attending to our voice of awareness especially for youth & families. We’re having an online anniversary party for New Thought Families this Sunday 02/12/12. This marks 5 years of cyber presence. I am simultaneously working on multiple projects for the party … a few that were ‘deadlined’ yesterday but as I wrote to a friend this morning,
“… Yesterday’s update fell away
along with my deadlines & new delays
but what I can say is that I’m ever learning
to do things in peaceful time sans the yearnings!”

So YES, remaining at peace no matter what the self-inflicted drama. I have been nursing an injury for a few weeks now and what a good teacher it has been on many levels! Still, I find myself wishing I could be learning & flowing without pain … and I’m sure I can but not yet this moment. So I get to re-claim peace and Love moment by moment ~ in pain or not. Really the only thing that can take me out of Love & peace is judgement. And on some levels, I still try my darndest to get my own goat! ~ Really?! Whether it be ego, gremlin or otherwise, I amaze even myself with the monster lists but I can say, for the most part, I remain peaceful with missed deadlines and just keep reaffirming the pace of grace. Someday, this art will make it’s way into my list making or I will live, as I have at other times, without the list, just the ever-present flow of this is next

In the wake of letting go of judgement, I had a profound aha this week. I heard a successful entrepreneur say that her success started to come when she figured out that she had suffered long enough. I had a series of thoughts that pondered things like karmic debt & free will. I settled on the freeing thought of … What if, just if, it were possible that free will was that expansive ~ that we do indeed punish ourselves until we decide consciously or unconsciously that the debt is paid … or that there is no debt at all? Radical forgiveness ~ all on purpose, nothing to forgive. No reason to suffer. Whew!

So, next Mindful Monday, I’ll report in on the online New Thought Families Anniversary Party & we’ll see how much of the list makes full manifestation! And if not on 02-12, I’ll link when the time comes! Meanwhile, I’ll be hosting a family birthday party in real time on 02-12! And I continue to update our 1st literacy site; you can see a new face emerging at the .com of Laurie’s Stories.

So what I urge us to focus on this Mindful Monday, this Mindful Moment is that ALL of us & ALL of our co-creations truly are made of LOVE! Remembering our musical message of last week, everything is either an act of Love or a cry for Love and at least some of the time, there is both present. Your Mindful Meditation Invitation this week is to keep returning to the awareness that you are indeed made of Love. And if you want to join me in my journey carryover, keep creating with abandon as peace! Our daily Pray & Play Calendar has beautiful flower photos from Michel Kotski & intergenerational, multi-media messages for centering in our hearts of Love. Thank you for living the Love you are made of! Hip Hip Hooray & Namaste to you! Here’s our music video, Made Of Love:



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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