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Conscious Creation

Namaste Mindful Meditator!
I greet you in the name of conscious creation this Mindful Monday! Today marks the beginning of the 15th annual Season Of Peace & NonViolence through the Association Of Global New Thought. This conscious creation has rippled out into many corners of the globe in honor of great peacemakers like Dr. King & Gandhi in a 64 day celebration. Our family friendly online offerings at New Thought Families include a multi-media 64 Days In 64 Ways Calendar for inner & family peace as well as the opportunity to play interactive games with Name That Peacemaker. Visit some inspirational folks and perhaps discover some new ones! See our opening Season video on Peace TV:  Peace Begins With Me

As our New Thought Families January Journey comes to a close, we continue to embrace last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation to create with abandon as we live the message of the Season and of life that truly, Peace Begins With Me. And that simple yet often challenging mantra is this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation … to live and breathe & have your being from that knowing & acting place that yes, Peace Begins With Me.

We are continuing our re-organization process of our online & live offerings with priorities slowly surfacing. Admittedly, our progress at New Thought Families is slowed by the fact that I am trying to give equal time with a similar process with my Laurie’s Stories. Today, I’m off to the studio as we are producing Summer Reading content in the middle of dusting off our archive shelves ~ but at the studio we will also be recording a special single for the Season & for Love to be released in Feb  so stay fine tuned for that! Ah, the delve into 2012 has me really cleaning all kinds of cupboards & file drawers! But here is the bottom line and message this Mindful Monday …. we really do get to consciously choose what & how we want to co-create in this world. And if you are anything like me, there are often more choices than time ~ especially as parents ~ so our focus then is to let priorities surface from a peaceful place within. As long as we take time to nurture our conscious core (prayer, meditation, etc), then we are doing our best to flow in conscious creation. What a blessing! So I leave you now to return to my rhyming eBook & song preparations of the day, in grateful, joyful peace with the abundance of us all! Thank you, thank you for stopping by on your mindful journey. Remember you can play & pray with us everyday at New Thought Families. Our daily Play & Pray Calendar switches themes this week from January’s Journey: All Roads Lead Home to In The Heart Of Love: Always Home. With Love as the core of who we are and all we can be, here’s our YouTube music video, Always Love. Namaste Love!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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