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Creative Chaos!

 Namaste & Happy New Year! Today is Lunar or Chinese New Year! This lunar calendar has been in place for 2600 years longer than the calendar we go by with Jan 1st marking the New Year. On the Lunar Calendar, the first of the year can fall anywhere between January 21st & February 18th. This year, of course is Jan 23rd and this is the year of the DRAGON. My baby was born a dragon back in February 2000 and this is, for both of us, a banner year! For the record of my Mindful Monday blogness, it is still the afternoon of the 23rd where I live and this Mindful Monday, I have been lost in creative, chaotic abandon!

A lot has happened in this last week with a fair amount of drama and a touch of trauma. But both Jeremiah & I have stayed mindful & meditative on all of it and while the stories have good points, I am choosing to not go into the stories here & now. In fact, I have been staying out of the story (s) as much as possible and that has not only aided mindfulness but served to increase productivity~! Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to face any of your stumbling blocks to action, meet & greet them, then act accordingly. I was able to stumble, fall & get back up remaining in service & action to my birthing process’ of new ideas going into actions. This is despite the inner dragons and in conjunction with the warrior dragon that drives me. Sorry if I am talking in riddles, it is part of my creative chaos I guess! As a creative artist, I am often blessed & plaqued by way more vision & ideas than I can give action &  manifestation to! Add  to that the fiery dragon breath of doubt & fear and well … the wheels can spin!

Still & all, the beauty & possibilities of creativity lay in chaos. I have contracted to offer local school kids some free form arts-n-crafts days where they get to create whatever they want from the materials at hand. They are so excited to have the experience! Which, unfortunately speaks in part to the heavily scripted classrooms today … but that, is a whole other topic! In hosting 2 days & about 350 children K-6th, there wasn’t a hint of discipline issues, only joy & creativity. And lots of fun creations!

The kids were so happy to create & for the most part, not too attached to results. In this spirit of raw beauty & creativity, I  am debuting something here that I’ve wanted to do for a loooooooooooooong time. It is a far cry from the BIG vision but I am still deLIGHTed with putting it out ANYWAY! It’s part of our website re-organization & re-commitment to purpose. The aim is to keep tweaking and adding the changes on site the rest of this month ~ stay fine tuned! With the 5 year anniversary of the website & the 1 year anniversary of the blog next month, we’re bringing some changes & re-commitments to both. Thanks for staying with us if you are so called! So view the latest below with a grain of compassion, see if it touches your funny bone and do let us know what you think! And we invite you to this week’s Mindful Meditation which is to create with abandon ~ let Love flow! Our Play & Pray Calendar is Journey Within: All Roads Lead Home. Join us! Namaste!

Conciously laughing?! We hope you’ll laugh with us in our debut of New Thought TV. Are We There Yet? has fun with the way we think & act. Change channels with us & you might just change your mind ~ or heart!



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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