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Co-Creating A Dream

Namaste Mindful Ones!

Martin Luther King, Jr. said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Today we honor Dr. King & his dream with a national holiday. The power of Dr. King’s heart, hands & feet are still moving & motivating today, decades & a myriad of social shifts later. Dr. King, your dream lives on.

Last week I was singing with the school kids, “Dr. Martin Luther King had a world changing dream! D-R-E-A-M …etc.” Sung to the tune of Bingo, we spelled & clapped out DREAM. But really, how do we go about co-creating a dream? On last week’s Mindful Monday post, I spoke of the swirling, birthing energies in me with the hope of manifestation of new creation being complete by now. It’s been a busy week of mothering, working & living and my dream time manifestation is still in utero & truthfully has been thwarted a few times this week with other productivity. I’ve come to know this as “Creative Avoidance” fueled by subconscious doubt & fear that pull away from the new in favor of the status quo. Have you ever experienced this? Perhaps daily like me?! Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to put action on your contemplation & co-create in manifestation. My actions were not always what I had envisioned. For instance, I serendipitously cleaned out the refrigerator & freezer on Saturday! Creative avoidance? Yes BUT in the wake of this much needed clearing & cleansing, my contemplative visioning became clearer. I compassionately hold that I am actively manifesting ~ always! And there are many facets of the I (seen & unseen) in control of how fast the birthing process will go! And there is Spirit, sweet Spirit with whispers of Love & dreams who patiently awaits the facets of ego & human stumbling through the manifestation of dreams. My son has the unconditional Love of Sweet Spirit, patiently allowing me my dreams spoken if not yet manifested. And he greatly appreciates being a priority in my life. I spent some hours last week driving him & friends to after school basketball games that had us out (twice!) all afternoon until nearly bedtime. Jeremiah knows that the dreams I have for New Thought Families begin with him and our home & family.  True to my alchemist tendencies, there are many things looking to be birthed through me at the moment and I am needing to spell them out, map them out & then follow what I perceive to be the divine, right action steps.
D Devoted, Disciplined, Diligent Dedication Decides Direction
R Reverent Respite Rejuvenates Realities
E Enthusiastic Envisioning Energizes Evolution
A Abundant Appreciation Actualizes Answers
M Mindful Motivational Movements Manifest
O.k., that’s pretty thick alchemist alliteration ~! So how about just this for a simple way to spell out & actualize a dream?:
Decide in Reverence then Energize with Appreciative Motion

Alliteration aside, dreams take both vision and action to manifest. How & when we do this is variable for each dream. Dr. King’s dream rippled out to influence not only our nation but the world. And yet, his dream is not fully manifested in each heart on the planet. That’s just the uncomfortable truth.
Dr. King  said, “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.” Part of what is slowing me down in expressing the New Thought Families epiphany of 2011 still looking to be birthed in 2012 ~ is that it is entrenched in response to what I perceive as the elephant in the room that isn’t often discussed. In fact, I really don’t want to discuss it here and now. But in the relative obscurity of my little wordpress blip in cyber space and in honor of the great Dr. King, I will briefly put a toe in the water … Perhaps the “uncomfortable truth’ of which I speak is easily illustrated in a part of our church story that went untold last week. Jeremiah & I attended a New Thought church and were relieved to be so at home with the teachings. I attended in a beautiful sanctuary setting; clean, flowers, band & choir … lots of attention to appearance & content and it was a powerful & beautiful presentation. Jeremiah’s class of Uniteens met in a back classroom. The well intentioned teacher (a volunteer on Sunday & a teacher by trade all week) wanted to show the youth a video so set up in the back room where the equipment was. Unfortunately the video/technology didn’t cooperate and the teacher had to run for a book/bible story to replace it. Meanwhile, the room itself was not decorated at all and in fact had loads of boxes full of Christmas decorations that had been taken down. As reported last week, Jeremiah enjoyed his time there and loved talking metaphysical spirituality with the teacher & his peers. The setting didn’t matter. Or did it? The uncomfortable truth I wrestle with is that kids are often treated as 2nd class citizens, not only in society but in the very churches that are there to help nurture & empower them as spiritual beings having a human experience. If you are missing my point, let me spell out that the church would never host their community celebration on Sunday in a sanctuary that hadn’t been cleaned & prepared. Further, the school system where our children spend so many hours every week has gotten increasingly away from experiential learning in the wake of standardized testing & large class sizes. We all learn best when we are engaged in activity and/or feeling. I believe children should be experiencing God together on Sundays similar to the way adults do. Some churches have “Children’s Church”, many more still have “Sunday School”. At least a few have Sunday School & just call it Children’s Church! In 1 last further point in this vein, many parents trust their children’s spiritual education to their church. Youth programs are often run by wonderful volunteers who are to be gratefully commended but not necessarily trusted to teach your child about this crucial part of their development. There. I’ve said it. Maybe it’s only MY uncomfortable truth but for better or for worse it feeds my desire to serve with New Thought Families; to offer intergenerational opportunities both online with multi-media materials & in hand holding circles of Love for us to connect hearts with our children and they, us. How much time, as parents, do we spend nurturing the spiritual development of our children ~ or ourselves for that matter? Peace begins with me. And then I have Spiritual connection & guidance to give to my child, our home, our community …
OK, I have now given at least a few words about something that truly matters ~ to me. I really believe that all churches do their best with their youth & families but I can’t help wanting to ask them to step it up in their service to youth & families. And I would like parents in general, to be more aware of spiritual parenting ~ not just as theory but in daily practices. I believe this is a needed & crucial piece of our current evolution in living as awake & aware spiritual beings in human bodies, relationships, families, communities. So now that I’ve written my uncomfortable truth, I can get back to doing what’s mine to do in putting out resources & materials that might serve some families or congregations in their service to each other. And possibly, what’s mine to do is to speak more on this uncomfortable truth; I don’t know that yet but I do know I am so grateful to the brave soul’s like Dr. King that inspire & invite us to step up & out with our voices, hands & feet!

This week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation is to face any of your stumbling blocks to action, meet & greet them, then act accordingly. I will remain in service & action to my own birthing process’ and maybe can report a new manifestation next Mindful Monday which is, after all the Lunar or Chinese New Year! Another great birthing opportunity for rejuvenations & resolutions!  Our daily, Play & Pray multi-media calendar speaks to the Journey Within ~ All Roads Lead Home! Thanks so much for being here! May your journey be graced by many yessings & blessings! Namaste.



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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