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Delve Into 2012: January Journey of Contemplation & Co-Creation

Happy New Year Mindful Ones!

A new beginning beckons and this new year is further punctuated by the Mayan prophecy of 2012. As we delve into 2012 here at New Thought Families, we  continue our co-creating process of a cyber play & prayground of intergenerational, multi-media offerings where you are never too young to pray or too old to play! Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation for the last week of 2011, was to tune into your God, your Co-Creator, and hear that still small voice … listening for what is ready to be born in you! This week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation for the first week of 2012, is to continue listening & to dialogue deep within in the spirit of contemplation & co-creation.  Jeremiah & I are continuing some family contemplation & co-creation as we reflect back & intend forward. I highly recommend this as an ongoing spiritual practice for self & for family! Our go fast world doesn’t always support the art of contemplation & reflection but it is essential for conscious co-creation!

This last week had us at our traditional, annual New Years music camp with the San Francisco Folk Music Club. We left on New Year’s Day to share dinner, music,  burning bowl & new intentions with friends at Piccolo Pastures. The first day of 2012 was a perfect reminder for me of Divine Order ~ no matter what ~! And to stay in compassionate, unconditional acceptance & Love of myself & others … It highlighted for me the life lessons of 2011 for as we “Co-Create Heaven (in 2011)”, we must know that heaven is Love in action with faith, forgiveness & compassion in full time employment ~ no matter what! So here’s the day’s brief highlights to illustrate my point. After a late night of singing in the New Year with hundreds of festive folkies, we awoke mid morning. My beautiful 11 year old Jeremiah had seen several of his teenage camp friends drinking alcohol the night before and we had been praying for them & affirming the divine order that doesn’t feel divine. As we were due at Piccolo Pastures to lead music & drumming before dinner, we walked down & got breakfast to go. I had put on a long heavy coat that wasn’t needed as the day had dawned much warmer than the previous day. I was going to help another mom carry breakfast back but got divine order delayed. As it was, my hands were full with the heavy coat, my own breakfast & coffee. I was carrying it back to pack up the cabin when I saw our Club matriarch Faith walking alone up a side hill. She is 96 & shouldn’t be walking alone so I quickly strode up her way saying, “Faith, where’s your cane?” “I left it at home”, she replied. I looked at my full hands trying to think how to free them when boom! She went down! So, long story shorter, I sat on the ground, held her hand & used the heavy coat as a blanket. Another woman had thought even faster to take off her jacket for a pillow. She & Jeremiah went for help which included Faith’s granddaughter who had been sick in bed, ice for the bump on Faith’s head & ultimately the paramedics for the pain that we fear was a broken hip. I stayed with Faith, holding her hand until they put her on the board & into the ambulance. There was a flow of loving, light filled energy between our hands & hearts for a good little while. I was able to tell the paramedics what happened including that she hadn’t lost consciousness, etc. The fact that I didn’t stop her from falling had to be accepted as part of the divine order that just is. Being a few hours late to Piccolo Pastures also accepted. The level of self forgiveness employed was noticeably different for me as I am able to embrace divine order and not take things as an opportunity for guilt. Jeremiah used great efficiency & compassion himself both with Faith falling & his teenage friends drinking the night before. So, again, even in the middle of yuckies, we are so blessed with the opportunities of going deep & deeper. It is further into ourselves that we delve this 2012!

We continue our invitation to play & pray with us every day with our intergenerational, multi-media daily calendar. January’s Journey Within: All Roads Lead Home! Here is one of friend & fab photographer Michel Kotski’s photos from our January Calendar:

Michel Kotski's Photo
Journey Within

Thank you for being here to contemplate & co-create! And as we delve into ourselves this 2012, may we remember to keep yessing our blessings! From our I Am A Seeker CD, Here’s our music video, Begin Again, Just Say Yes! Happy New Beginnings to YOU!



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