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Mary Musings

Namaste Mindful Ones!
Happy Boxing Day! Yes, this day after Christmas is a great day for boxing up & giving away the leftovers & re-gifts of Christmas. Also a great day to tend to the musings of the season; in this last week of 2011 we can contemplate & investigate the last year as well as the coming one! In addition to this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation at the end of this post, I heartily invite you to write out your accomplishments, highlights & blessings of 2011 ~ do this with yourself and as a family. Just as children prosper from prayer so can they from contemplation. And as the admitted avid list maker I can be (see last week’s post!), it is easier sometimes to keep making the new lists without turning back. Yet the gifts of review, contemplation & introspection are invaluable and what better week to practice them?!

So let’s muse a moment on the season …. merry moments of lights, laughter, singing & bell ringing …. and how about some Mary musings on the birth of Christ? Musings in the midst of the busy-ness … As I mentioned last week, I had the honor of playing an aged Mary in the Christmas Eve service at the Methodist church. Jeremiah was already in the play & it was very good for us to be in a production that I didn’t write, direct or produce! With only 1 rehearsal & a myriad of other activities during the week, day & hour of the service, I felt a bit shaky. My mom is home in a hospital bed and I put on her Christmas Eve dinner before going to the church play. Even though we kept the menu simple and I vowed to keep breathing peace, there was a bit of flurry leading to the merry moment of meal consumption. My step dad is an active Catholic & some time ago, he decided when we were at their house, we would keep our mealtime prayers to ourselves. So as I sat down with a heavy sigh of relief that dinner was served, I bowed my head & beckoned Jeremiah next to me to do the same. My father who was also there & used to having meals with us pipes up & says, “Aren’t we going to pray?” Inner peace gave way as I burst into tears. I quickly gulped them back & said, “Papa likes us to each say our own.” Papa went on to explain all of his “politically correct” reasonings as I scrambled once again for my inner, peaceful center. I realized in that moment & in many others this season, how much I miss truly like-minded spiritual community. On to the play …. I called on the cast to join hands & pray. I spoke a prayer & invited anyone else to join in at which time, my fellow actors bid me/us to just have fun & lighten up! Ok, breathing peace ~ and joy! The pastor’s daughter was home from college and she sang, “Mary Did You Know?” Oh how I love that song! So I let the tears flow & I prayed to Mary to be a good voice for her. As an experienced actress, I have often “prayed into” the essence of the character I was playing. It has been many years since I’ve really been on stage in this capacity but it was a familiar practice that took on holy proportions given the character I was playing! When I played Mary in 5th grade, I just remember smiling sweetly at the doll I was holding. THIS Mary was looking back at the first night in Bethlehem and telling the story. Tears & nerves aside, it turned out divinely right. Many from the small service remarked on my acting & Jeremiah & I reversed roles ~ for once he felt what it is like to be upstaged! ~And by his mother no less! Still, we both were blessed & grateful for the experience. And left with the continuing question of our ministry …. the “punchline” of the play was that the best way to know Jesus now is through the bread & the cup and then we helped perform communion for all that wanted it ~ and a few who didn’t! You see, unlike our Methodist community, Jeremiah & I believe the bread & cup are symbols that work for some but not all and that the best way to know Christ is to see, feel, & act in Love … loving & nurturing ourselves & others. I was holding a chalice next to “Luke” who had the bits of bread to be dipped in the chalice. A family came forward & the youngest daughter clearly wanted no part of the ritual but her mom forced the issue. Both the child & I felt queasy to say the least and I was left with a Mary who longs to minister to children & families in the metaphysical way that I truly resonate with.

Seasonal events aside, I am also left musing with Mary about all things in my life. As a young Catholic girl, I prayed to Mary often. Now, I meditate on the Mary within … the merry maker, the miracle maker, the Co-Creator with my God. Still, as I let the tender heartedness of Christmas penetrate my being, I have to admit that in too many ways I feel the virgin presence too strongly. (Gulp … is she going to confess again?!) I realized this Christmas that I wanted a kiss, a hand to hold, a date?! I’ve been single & celibate for 8 years. That’s a long time to skip kisses or rather, to skip romance. You see, my life truly is filled with Love and hugs & kisses too, just no romance or partnership. So I suppose if I don’t want to feel this way again next Christmas ~ or anytime in between, I’d best take action with my all things possible God & check out online dating or something. I am Mary/merry reminded that we get to co-create our lives and miracles too! And just as the conception & the angels came to Mary, I believe our God, angels and all, are right here, right now, ready to birth our new beginnings! We’ve only to give our Yessings to our Blessings! Soooooooooooooo, if you’re still here musing with me, THANK YOU! And I have a new song to share! Written this morning out of post-Christmas tears and Mary musings, the rough recording & lyrics of the brand new song, Conception is on our new songs page. Here’s the Chorus:

Conception C 2011 Laurie Story Vela

How can I know? I can only believe
in this seed of Love planted in me
With faith, I cling to the angel’s wings
in the light that beckons believe
How can I know?
This is God’s mystery
Miracle Maker, with You I conceive, I conceive, I conceive …

Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to practice Peace even & especially in the wake of  busy-ness! This week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation in the last week of 2011, is to tune into your God, your Co-Creator, and hear that still small voice … what is ready to be born in you?! As we delve into 2012, we will continue our co-creating process at New Thought Families where you are never too young to pray or too old to play! We invite you to play & pray with us every day with our daily calendar. December’s dailies call on the light … join us for Delight In Light! Merry Christmas & all Glad Tidings Of Celebrations Of Light. And a Blessed New Year!

Mary Did You Know? Sung by the writers of the song: Mark Lowery wrote the lyrics and Buddy Green, the music:



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