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Joy, Joy, JOY!

Namaste Mindful Meditators!
Here I am back with another Monday chorus of our song! It has been an incrediable busy, jingle bell ringing, light filled singing week of celebrations! There were music classes in the schools where we sang & played drums, jingle bells & chimes, music rehearsals & our 12 Thoughts of Christmas concert on Sunday ~ a JOYous celebration of the light shining in each one of us!~,  our friend’s Celebration Of Life Service on Saturday & our little town’s merry Parade Of Lights Saturday night. Joy is indeed found everywhere if we we simply allow ourselves (enough sleep to be able!) to feel the blessed flow …

Joy is not in things, it is in us. ~Robert Wagner

This 3rd week of Advent, we light the candle for joy. In the Christian/Catholic tradition, this is the rose colored candle in the Advent wreath lit for the impending joy experienced with the birth of Christ, ‘Prince of Peace”. In the advent tradition, Peace is born of Joy not Joy born of Peace. You don’t get happy because everything is perfect in your life, you grow happiness by experiencing gratitude and Joy. For me personally, this year in particular, I have been feeling an ongoing Peace with moments & bursts of Joy. Whereby Peace feels like a comforting shine knowing all is in divine order ~ all the time ~ Joy is a whirring vibration, one that often lights the faces & the way of (young) children. Joy is deep, fufilling happiness and it is an essence that will feed and grow itself through simple acts of awareness and gratitude. A joyous way of being comes through noticing the great beauty and bounty that surrounds us wherever we are or whoever we are. No matter the circumstances, we all have blessings that if aknowledged will bring and feed our JOY. And again, at Christmastime like no other time, it is this simple awareness and aknowledgment that makes for contagious merriment and miracles made manifest in the ordinary.

As I spoke of last week, this season has been punctuated for us at the transition of a friend. We attended her Celebration Of Life Service in the middle of our holiday celebrations this last weekend. We sang a song I wrote for her, Your Wings; the song expresses a bittersweet joy for her now flying free. My angel friend Renee brought Peace & Joy to many, many people as her service was testimony to. Her smile & sweet kindness had a way of uplifting others. She looked for the good and she consciously lifted her vibrations to align with Joy. She followed the teachings of Abraham through Ester & Jerry Hicks. Joy is usually reserved for birth, not death but my friend Renee’s joyful Spirit definitely filled the room at her service and fills the hearts of those she has left behind. Joy is a way of being in the world and  Renee left us all with that reminder in a profound way. Thank you sweet angel Renee! Thank you Angel of Joy!

Clearing for JOY:
Get enough sleep & watch what you eat! I know the Season can bring busy times & extra sweets so watch out for tired grumpies & sugar blues! Our bodies are but conduits of joyful energy and we need to keep our body vessels as clean and free flowing as possible! For the mental & emotional bodies, let go of expectations, judgements, and shoulds. If there are places within you that need healing, let the Light of Joy heal you. As Hicks and Abraham proclaim, “Joy is our natural state of being.” Ask yourself, what is in the way of this natural flow? Then, look around and give thanks for as many things as you are witnessing … feel the JOY coming forward in it’s natural flow.

Affirmations of JOY: In the light of JOY,  I am aware of the beauty and the bounty that surrounds me and that is me. I align with all of my blessings in a grateful outpouring of JOY. I am shining & singing Joy, Joy, JOY!

JOY with our Children: Our children are generally more open to Joy as their natural state of being and are again thereby some of our best teachers. Let us remember to find and make many joyous moments with our children ~ for them and for us! Be silly, sing songs, play “I Spy” gratitude games, giving thanks for everything in your world. I have prayed with Jeremiah everyday since ~ always! His first prayers were immediate recognition of what was right before him, “Thank You God for the lamp, and the couch …” Indeed! Gratitude feeds joy! Joy feeds Joy; it is contagious and it is consciousness so especially as our children grow older, let us help them (as we do ourselves) to know and experience gratitude & JOY daily.

JOY’s Companions: Awareness, Gratitude, Beauty, Light of Spirit dancing

All of our Advent Awakening Lessons In Light are onsite. Thank you so much for being here! Your presence truly is the greatest present!!  Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to live Love to the fullest in whatever hope filled realms possible! In reflecting back, I see that this necessarily brings a flow of JOY right along with it! ~ Or at least it can if we allow it! So this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation is to contine to live in the flow of Love & allow the flow of JOY to light your way! We also invite you to play & pray with us every day at New Thought Families; we have a daily Advent Affirmation Calendar full of family fun! Our regular, daily Play & Pray Calendar is Delight In Light! Here’s one of the beautiful calendar pictures from fab photographer Michel Kotski ~ sure to bring you a joyful smile & stirrings of shining peace:



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