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Living Love!

Namaste Mindful Ones!
Merry Christmas! The Season is jingling & tingling for us! Yesterday being the 2nd Sunday of Advent, we light the candle for Love:

The Christmas Season starts with a flurry the first weekend in December around here. The Methodist church we belong to does a huge Santa party on Friday night & leads the Las Pasadas procession on Saturday night. I provided music ++ at both events in addition to some music classes in the schools the days before & rehearsals for our upcoming Christmas Concert at Sophia’s Well, the interfaith ministry we also belong to. Long story shorter, by December 2nd, I was feeling lost in the overwhelming, joy-sucking busy-ness of the season ~ & I carried some of that right through the weekend! Good news though, awake, aware & conscious, I get to be at more of a pace of grace the rest of the month (year/life!) if I so choose … to fully experience & relish the light of the season & the Love that is right before me in any given moment. An old friend’s passing this last week & her transitioning into her next realm of existence really helps me breathe, slow down & put it all into perspective if & when I allow it. My friend embodied so much Love, she brought an angelic light to others, through her smile & her very way of being. In the busy-ness of the week, I wrote a song for her & expereienced her & her beautiful, loving essence every time I sang/sing it. She was an earthly angel & now she is free! Metaphorically, angels stand for our highest selves, so in my tribute song to her, Renee has her wings. It’s here if you want to hear!

The more traditional Christianity we experience with the Methodists often helps us anchor our own faith where it aligns & where it differs from theirs. For the 1st Sunday in December, they lit the 1st Advent candle for Welcoming Christ in. We lit ours for Hope … for it is the fire of desire in Hope that allows us to Welcome. Our Methodist friends lit the 2nd Sunday Advent candle for Preparation, clearing, cleansing, preparing the way for Christ to enter. We light our candle for Love knowing that surely release & cleansing make way for more of the flow of Love in our lives. And as we care & love for ourselves, our families, our homes, cleansing is a daily ritual of Love. There is no mistake that it is said that “Cleanliness is next to Godliness!”

Clearing for Love: In addition to physical cleansing & care, we must daily enter into our hearts to release & center. I find my morning prayer and meditation practice essential to the flow of giving and receiving Love. Centered in God’s love, I am prepared throughout the day to see Love (everywhere!) and to be Love even in the most challenging moments. In any situation, remember to ask, “What would Love do?” And yes, that’s unconditional God Love flowing through you, as you.
Affirmation of Love: In the light of Love, I see the truth of my being. I am aware of the Love Light living in me and in everyone and everything on this beautiful planet. I align with this Oneness of Love. I am living Love!
Love with our Children:
Our children give us the gift of experiencing unconditional Love like no other relationship we have. Just as we are all God’s children loved unconditionally, so we love our own children. And again, what magnificent teachers the little ones are for us in the way they love so openly. Our presence with them in unconditional Love is the best gift we can ever offer.
Love’s Companions:
Awareness, Acceptance, Release, Devotion, Light
of Love itself

Our full Living Love Advent Awakening Lesson is onsite. Thank you for the Love Light you are!  Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to rekindle the hopes & desires within you & your family ~ to fan the flames of light filled Hope! I must confess, not going there last week so I repeat the invitation for all of us! Actually for this week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation, I invite us all to live Love to the fullest in whatever hope filled realms possible! We also invite you to play & pray with us every day at New Thought Families; we have a daily Advent Affirmation Calendar full of family fun! Our regular, daily Play & Pray Calendar  is Delight In Light! We give you now an Advent song of angels. From our 12 Thoughts Of Christmas CD, here’s Voice Of Christmas:



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