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Advent Awakening

Namaste Beloved Mindful Monday Meditators!
It has been a full, full week around here with some holiday cheer & more challenges than I’d like to re-count! Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to stay ‘Spirit aware’ & fully embrace Thanks Living! ~ And to grab any challenges or obstructions that came up & place them into the hand of God! I got lots of practice at giving God a handful! I will simply summize by saying that being grateful for the yuckies is definitely deeply challenging and yet it is the way to align & re-align with the truth of who we are. The truth of Love, of beauty, of goodness.

The calendar moves on … so today, I’ve taken the harvest bounty off the front porch and will break out Santa sometime this week! Yesterday was the first Sunday of Advent. We spent the day celebrating peace at Sophia’s Well Of Wisdom where we shared lots of music, rainbow peace necklaces & a universal dance for peace as our special contributions. Jeremiah is playing the keyboards a bit more in our live events which is awesome! We will be doing our Christmas concert at Sophia’s Well on December 11th ~ check out our 12 Thoughts Of Christmas CD ~ Traditional Tunes with Transformational Thoughts!  

So, yes, THE season is upon us with the light of Advent. Advent is a Christian tradition marking the anticipation of the coming Christ King at Christmas. A candle is lit for each of the 4 Sundays preceding Christmas. The Advent wreath is green as a symbol for hope & life eternal dating back pre-Christianity to celebrations of life & light in the darkness of winter. An excellent summation of the Christian tradition is found online at various websites including The Voice. We offering some metaphysical mini Lessons Of Light gleaned in this glorious season of Light based on the Christian tradition of Advent while infused by other teachings of light. And while this tradition prepares for the coming of Christ, we know that the Christ light lives within us & is available not just on Christmas day but every day. The lessons of Light held during advent are a gateway of grace-filled living for all seasons.
So we light this first candle for Hope.

 ~   Hope is like a road in the country; there was never a road, but when many people walk on it, the road comes into existence.
~ Lin Yutang

Holding Hope
The Advent wreath itself is green symbolizing hope & everlasting life. This use of evergreen boughs at Christmas dates back pre-Christianity as the essence of life & re-birth filled people’s homes in the midst of winter darkness. Advent candles are lit for the four Sundays before Christmas. The first week and the first candle is lit for Hope. Why Hope instead of Faith? Surely Faith is the foundation that carries us through all times of darkness. Surely it was Mary’s faith in God and the angel Gabriel that carried her in carrying the Christ child into this world. It was Faith that had the shepherds and kings alike following that bright star … it was Faith … or was it? Could it be that Hope is the essence, the very fuel for Faith? Hope is the beckoning inspiration, the star shining with promise for what truly is and what surely can be. Barak Obama gave voice to Hope in his presidential campaign, not just for Americans but for the global citizenship that is emerging with beautiful & challenging birthing pains. The collapse of the global economy has people of all faiths learning and re-learning that we are all connected and the actions of one person, state, country impact the world. In what many are calling a global crisis, you can buy into hopelessness or you can bank on Faith supported by regular deposits of Hope. As Fred Gailey said in Miracle on 34th Street: “Faith is believing in something when common sense tells you not to!” And while Faith will carry us through this world, it is the fiery inspiration of Hope that calls us to action … to co-create the very fiber of Faith … the truth of infinite possibilities that live within us. Hope is an energy that flows continuously when we allow it; it is not so much about outcome as it is the process of having Hope, and re-kindling the Hope whenever the flame dims. For many, Barak Obama now represents false hope or a failed dream but the hope that was felt during his election is still every bit as real within us. The hope for change & a better world is the very same hope held by Christians for the birth of the redeeming Christ. As spiritual beings having this human experience of life, we are ever called to align & re-align with the goodness that is us; the goodness that this Christmas season stirs within us. The stirrings of our hearts are kindled by holding hope so with the season’s light, breathe new life into the hopeful embers that live in you.
Clearing for Hope:
Re-visit any lost hopes and dreams for yourself, for loved ones, for community, country, etc. Find any places within you that may be holding disillusionment and thereby disbelief … apply heavy doses of forgiveness and acceptance so that you are free to hope again. And again and again. Affirmation of Hope: In the light of Hope, I am called to dream and I am called to be the highest calling that lives within me. I align with this inspiration knowing with God all things are possible. I am holding hope!
Hope with our Children: Our children have so much to teach us about hope! Especially the young ones who let this fire gleam in their eyes and carry them enthusiastically through life. It is our job as conscious parents to not let their dashed hopes and dreams turn to disillusionment but rather to help them (as we do ourselves) navigate the gifts of acceptance and forgiveness knowing that so often we can say, “Thank you God!” for NOT getting something we wished for and also knowing the precious gift of Hope must be nurtured and kept alive for it is the fiber & foundation of our faith. Let your children re-kindle hope within you & do your best to fan the flames of their hopes and desires.
Hope’s Companions:
Awareness, Forgiveness, Faith, Light of Inspiration

Thank you for sharing your light here & with the world! This week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation is to rekindle the hopes & desires within you & your family ~ fan the flames of light filled Hope! We invite you to play & pray with us every day at New Thought Families; we have a daily Advent Affirmation Calendar full of family fun! Our regular, daily Play & Pray Calendar switches this week from Aware In Prayer to Delight In Light! We give you now an Advent song of angels. From our 12 Thoughts Of Christmas CD, here’s I Heard 3 Angels:



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