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Thanks Living!

Namaste Mindful Monday Meditator!
I greet you in the name of all that is beautiful ~ and it is ALL beautiful! We have sunny, crisp November weather with an array of dazzling colors delighting me from every window of the house. My body temple is officially another year older and I have spent this month in much better respect & cleaner relationship with my body… went the first few weeks sugar free and this last week sugar LIGHT which feels oh so right! My favorite kind of will power … to have just a few bites of cake … to taste the sweet in full appreciation and satisfaction ~ YUM! Last week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation was to be ‘Spirit aware’ that we live in a house of prayer. Did you try it on? I really spent the week in (birthday/life) celebration seeing beauty everywhere … when Spirit aware, I can’t help but see beauty everywhere! I also must report that this is the first birthday I can remember without a tear … not one … all week! Well, there were a few tears while watching Puss-N-Boots with Jeremiah in full theatre 3D on Saturday night … but those are good movie tears. This house of prayer birthday girl felt quite beautiful, satisfied, well cared for & indeed, spirit aware all week knowing there is nothing out of place or missing, just truly divine order in the making. What a relief to celebrate life, my life, with no regrets or admonishings, just unconditional Love & appreciation! I will say that all the goodness celebrating did somewhat thwart some planned work ~ like finally getting the New Thought Families Newsletter out on yesterday’s deadline … so, I must return there momentarily … but first ~ let’s pray!
(OOPS! Here I go again Mindful Monday Ones … pushing my limits again and WordPress time doesn’t move their clocks like we do so my Monday zone posting has now slipped into Tuesday territory once again! Arrg! And, divine order reigns ~!)

This week of Thanksgiving … I pray to stay Spirit Aware centered in Thanks Living … everywhere … with everyone … no matter what. And if I feel anything less than compassion, see anything less than beauty, feel anything less than unconditional Love, I pray to be Spirit Aware in the very moment and hand it/them/us over to God. In Thanks Living, I know that everything is a blessing. Everything is for my highest good. Everything is in Spirit care ~ I see & know it for I am Spirit aware!

Have a very blessed Thanksgiving full of festive feasts ~ family, food, fun & faith. We are so very thankful for YOU! Sunday, we begin Advent! We will be singing peace songs for the Sophia’s Well Of Wisdom Festival Of Peace here locally. Next Mindful Monday, we will be back with the first of our Awakening Advent Lessons.

This week’s Mindful Meditation Invitation is to stay ‘Spirit aware’ & fully embrace Thanks Living! Grab any challenges or obstructions that come up & place them into the hand of God! Play & Pray with us online with our Pray & Play Everyday Aware In Prayer Calendar! And here’s our music video, In The Hand Of God:



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