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Prayer Pathways Harbor Hope

Namaste Mindful Monday friends!
It is my intention & schedule to be blessedly brief this Mindful Monday after last week’s Halloween rant that ran me into November ~ at least in WordPress time!  We had a joyous Halloween about town with friends ~ lots of smiles & laughs! The weekly invitation was to feel Divine Energy flowing through us like a prayer.  I am reporting in to say that I spent the first few days of Nov. in divine order candy detox and this is my 7th day sugar free. Maybe some day (soon?!), I can be moderate & balanced with all things, including sugar, but for now, it’s the either/or, on/off game for me. I simply had to clean this body temple vessel to allow more flow of that divine energy. And it is GOOD, very good!

At New Thought Families, November has shifted our focus from Zeal & Fortitude to Hope & Prayer. In our year long map of themes for Co-Creating Heaven in 2011, Gratitude came in August with Grace. Of course, every day is a day for great gratitude with ample room for all the other virtues too! But focus is a blessed thing. We have several places to go with hope & prayer this month but today we will look at how putting feet & hands to prayers harbors hope for ourselves and others.

Hope is a powerful force. It was strongly felt nationally & internationally during the Obama campaign. It is Hope, not Faith that was given Mary when carrying the baby Jesus. Advent: Hope, Love, Joy & Peace. Hope will energize us into action. I am feeling the power of hope today as I put feet & hands into action on things I have been praying for, for a very long time. I meet today with someone from my university, UC Davis, about the Leaping Literacy Online Library at Laurie’s Stories.  This act of meeting is a surge of hope for me in re-energizing my lifetime work. It took some gumption on my part to make the contacts that led me to this particular person, now we will meet and she will lead me to others or work with me herself or ?! I am open to outcome & next steps; it’s just plain hopeful to be taking a next step now! Thank You God! I have also compiled a care basket of Love for a friend and her family. Though I haven’t seen this friend for a very long time, I have been praying for her daily. We were supposed to visit several times last month but she cancelled as she wasn’t feeling up to it. From what I hear & feel, she is transitioning now after a long battle with cancer. I had surrendered my love for her and her family and decided to just keep my respectful, prayerful distance. But yesterday, at the Methodist church service, it hit me! I was sitting there sifting through the message as I usually do ~ for the talk was of preparing for heaven which I interpret as doing what I can for heaven now … I had the vision to put this Love basket together for the family. So I will be taking it by today after my meeting; some food, candles, sage, special stones & earrings for the daughters … I will call to say I am bringing it. I may end up leaving it at the door … I will respect their need for sacred time & space … but I will put hands & feet to my prayers for her & for them so they might feel the hope of Love & life & friendship & caring. It is GOOD! Your Monday Mindful Meditation Invitation this week is to see what hopeful prayer you can put hands & feet to!

Join as at New Thought Families for our new November Play & Pray Calendar as well as new Home Spiritual Practice Videos and new cartoons for Joy Boy & The World Peace Family as well as a NEW NEW comic, Nature Calls. Here is our music video of hope, Begin Again:



Passionate about co-creation; deepening awareness & embodiment of Love. Life's work focus on children & families playing with literacy & spiritual literacy. Author/Illustrator/BookTeller/MusicMaker/Webmaster

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